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  1. Literally came in here to say this, nonetheless great song
  2. I for sure thought the artwork was for Blood Youth lol Here's both artworks I'm referencing to: Inside My Head [EP] Closure [EP]
  3. A member of the site did that artwork, can't think of his username atm but sounds dope
  4. No one else has said it, so I'll say it; the artwork reminds me of when Of Machines was trying to make their comeback
  5. Stupid stoked on this release, last album was really good
  6. I'm glad I found these guys through their Aldebaran single.
  7. I have been waiting for this to drop forever now, I'm so glad it's finally out
  8. The new songs live sound amazing; with or without Boyd they can still make an amazing album.
  9. For anyone interested, their EP The Odyssey is available on their Bandcamp for free.
  10. she so fine and she's got a great voice
  11. and Put In as well, both standalones
  12. So is this just a re-release? Or are there any mixing/mastering differences?
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