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  1. Really wish Hopesfall was up there imo. I’m fine with Architects winning tbh.
  2. Michael wasn’t on the EP, ALLB’s original bassist was.
  3. IIRC, this song was personal for him so his wife sat this one out.
  4. Busy day, just recently got through Magnetic North, speaking of which... @Lord Kingdom If you do decide to listen to Magnetic North, make sure to find and add the track "Saskatchewan" between tracks 7 and 8. Their old record label took the song off the tracklist without telling the band and made it an exclusive in the European version.
  5. Bonus track isn't on the CD. It's not on mine anyways. As for this album, definitely album of the month for me! Ended up listening to their older stuff since the only thing I've ever heard from them was A-Types until now. This and Magnetic North are amazingly good.
  6. Lyrics for the non-singles here.
  7. Flash is set to potentially be my favorite off this album from the chorus alone, had that on repeat for a bit now.
  8. This band hasn't let me down yet, another great single.
  9. It was good, but not great imo. I prefer their last 4 albums tbh. Nothing really wrong with it, just wasn’t as into it.
  10. Really hoping Rise doesn't take their time with releasing it. They've had a music video ready to go for a few weeks now.
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