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  1. I like how this album is a bunch of really poppy songs, and then there's No Friend. That track literally came outta nowhere for me.
  2. Album was ok imo, definitely not their best but I like it.
  3. Same, that'll prob be fixed when it officially comes out.
  4. Really excited for this album! Really enjoying the singles so far.
  5. 10/10 start to finish. That intro and outro though
  6. Nothing this month really got my attention tbh.
  7. I recommend you listen to their other albums. Degeneraterra is a gem of an album.
  8. "So, omnierudite, are you here to watch the world burn in compurgation or contrition?" That's gonna be stuck in my head for days. I wasn't sure if this would top Degeneraterra, but its on the right track for sure.
  9. single

    Every single they release is better than the last so far. Really excited for this album to drop!
  10. 1. Northlane - Mesmer 2. The Artificials - Heart 3. Stolas- Stolas 4. The Bunny The Bear - The Way We Rust Those are the albums that mainly got my attention this month.
  11. I honestly can't pick a song I like more. As a whole, its so good! Miles better than Node, that's for sure.
  12. He's not really new, he went from drummer/co-vocalist to just the main vocalist. Really enjoyed this album a lot more than I expected to, took me a few listens to really get into it, but its a really solid album! Catalyst is my favorite track atm.
  13. Yeah she had a kid and decided to leave, so Matt brought Joseph back in the band. Joseph did some demos for Food Chain before Chris rejoined and did the album instead.
  14. That wasn't the main reason she left IIRC, but I do agree this was a much better move to progress in this direction. This is probably one of their better albums.
  15. A lot catchier than "My Uzi Holds a Hundred Round Conscience", I can get into this.