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  1. Loyals - Hold On (Single) (2018)

    Forgot to comment on this when I checked it out initially - this is incredible. February couldn't come sooner for this album.
  2. Thornhill - Reptile (Single) (2018)

    Good song, great artwork, look forward to the EP.
  3. Night Verses - Copper Wasp (2018)

    Upsetting to hear they got rid of him, was one of my favourite vocalists.
  4. Ousiodes - Pymander (2018)

    "Ooh-see-oh-days", I'm guessing?
  5. Dependence - I Just Needed a Little Time (2018)

    Haven't made a single bad song. Love this band. Love WIH as well, their latest album was phenomenal.
  6. The Antarctica Project - Transmute (2018)

    THAT ART. Great job of grabbing my attention with that, video posted sounds good, gonna check this out.
  7. Capstan - In the Wake of Our Discord (2018)

    I really liked it up until the chorus, after that it felt pretty bland until near the end. Don't dislike it, though.
  8. Capstan - In the Wake of Our Discord (2018)

    Curious, where do you hear Rise Against in this? This is decent. I probably shouldn't have read the comments before listening since they got my hopes up haha. Definitely worth a few listens though.
  9. Jeff Rosenstock - POST- (2018)

    Quality promotion for the album, then.
  10. Harms Way - Call My Name (Single) (2018)

    oh yes bby
  11. Justin Timberlake - Filthy [Single] (2018)

    Interesting seeing the negative reaction. I am by no means a fan of JT but I really dig the experimentation in this song.
  12. Vile Ones - Teeth [EP] (2018)

    Would not expect this from Micah. Incredible shit, though.
  13. The Inoculated Canaries - Trying Times [EP] (2018)

    Wonderful way to incorporate older styles of music and make them sound good. Love the keys, which is something I always loved about classic rock but just couldn't get into it overall - this is great, though.
  14. that breakdown is almost as nasty as the fact that the album title isn't centered in their artwork