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  1. Just found this now. This is incredible. Will happily wait for another release.
  2. I think female vox can be done incredibly well, this is just not a great vocalist.
  3. Interesting. I thought the keys were easily the best part of the song.
  4. single

    Wow this is actually good. Hope he releases more.
  5. single

    It's alright. I was hoping for better. Their EP and Creature of Habit are much better than this.
  6. Huge Closure In Moscow influence, and that's one of my favourite bands of all time. Love this shit.
  7. Can I get a link to the other Kitsune band? I can't seem to find them.
  8. You gave me very high expectations with that comment, and they were fulfilled. Good shit.
  9. This is incredible. Bless you, Lord Kingdom.
  10. It's so odd how that's such a big trend.
  11. Reminds me a lot of Dependence. I wonder if it's the same vocalist.
  12. Screamo is interchangeable with post-hardcore sometimes. Orchid is a screamo band but is also a post-hardcore band, for example.
  13. single

    Well, Sellout, Trapped, and Grunge weren't really generic. The rest of Dark Matter, all of REAL, and this single definitely are though.
  14. Same kinda shit happened with me. I never liked any kind of chaotic music. Then someday, Every Time I Die just struck a chord with me. Not sure why but I love chaotic stuff now. Architects is one of my favourite bands along with that though haha. But I have to say Hollow Crown sounds nothing like this.