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  1. Always love Grouper. Great release.
  2. ep of the year candidate
  3. Super generic, but I'm not gonna say it's bad. Pretty decent.
  4. I agree when you say most of Dark Matter was generic sounding, but a few songs, namely the two singles Trapped and Sellout were really good.
  5. Sounds like what happens when you put punk and Mutoid Man together. I'm digging it.
  6. what a single holy shit lol need to listen to this
  7. Totally agree. Always thought this band had that sound.
  8. Always thought AxeWound was better - hope the hype on this is justified so I can change my mind lol.
  9. Their vocals were better before this to me, unfortunately. Still a good release though.
  10. wow this is super weird lol somehow the two styles mend together pretty well never been a huge fan tho
  11. Kinda sounds like the Marmozets' vocalist.