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  1. Fuck me I had no idea there was new Harakiri. I'll have to get on that.
  2. Those harmonies are really nice. Good song, he's had better, but it's still good.
  3. fuck me for never realising how good this song was til now
  4. Great album for the most part. Extremely disappointed with the decision to change Shinebox on the album though, it sounds a lot worse, so I'll be putting the single version back on it.
  5. lmao this dude puts out so much music Love the artwork. I'll check this out soon per the Interstellar comparison.
  6. Would be much better with better production.
  7. oh shiet ive been waiting for new stuff, cant wait to listen tomorrow
  8. Nah, no need for apologies, it's not too important, it happens. Yeah, I figured based on his responses in this thread. I was looking forward to some weird fusion of metalcore and tech-death, but turns out it's just basic 2008-core, just ten years later.
  9. It's not people being genre-nazis, it's people wondering why it was so incorrectly labeled. Especially because it has metalcore written before it lol, which is what it is. Also it's pretty bad, so can't enjoy it anyway.
  10. Just curious, what didn't you like about Unimagine?
  11. They do now anyway. Anything Normandie has done can't even come close to touching HLH's first two albums.
  12. That breakdown sounds like something out of a Northlane song, love it. The rest of the song is alright, not great, not bad. Lyrics are woeful though.
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