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  1. Well, some of their older songs were still pretty good. I definitely prefer their new sound, but don't mind their old releases at all.
  2. Why was new Hundredth disappointing? Might be AOTY for me.
  3. Love this band. Let's see if this holds up to Symphonies.
  4. I think I'd have liked this if I wasn't holding an extremely high expectation over any band that has violin in it haha. Ne Obliviscaris really ruined me with that.
  5. Kinda have the same thoughts as Calitherra, this seems like it could've had the potential to be amazing and refreshing - it's a bit different, but the execution of violin here is really poor imo. It just doesn't seem to go anywhere.
  6. bit late to the party but this is good shit
  7. This is alright. Nothing too special, but worth a listen.
  8. Don't sleep on this. Really good shit. Love Tompkins and Chimp Spanner, yet this is quite different than what I expected, however, I don't mind a bit.
  9. Yeah, I'd agree, which is likely why I'm more into it than I anticipated.
  10. Unfortunate. Was gonna end up seeing them whenever they play near me.
  11. "they made me big at least...." Definitely with you on that one.
  12. Many great singles today / this week. Looking most forward to MTS probably. hype

  13. Came to see what the hype was about. Single sounds better than I'd have thought (not huge on anything labeled "hard rock", usually bored by it). Definitely giving this album a shot.