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  1. One of the best post-metal albums. Easily. Love anything Julie does.
  2. Good shit. Obvious comparisons to Silent Planet but they're unique in their own right - especially when they throw some blast beats and pig squeals in there, wasn't expecting that.
  3. Crazy Cynic vibes. Can also definitely tell there are members from Extol and The Funeral. This album is gonna be spectacular.
  4. Loved their album Duende from two years back. Hope this is a good follow-up.
  5. Reminds me of The Ralph. Really dig it, just might need to get used to the vocals - I've moved away from this style over the years.
  6. they just need to get stormzy to front and theyd be perfect
  7. One of my favourite albums of all time. Glad I can get a 320 of it now. Thanks!
  8. I remember when Real Friends' latest album was leaked in 128 on here. Probably the worst 128 I'd heard in my life, barely got three songs in. This one is miles above most 128s.
  9. artwork lookin like a bones album
  10. Holy shit, can't believe these guys ended up here - found them a year or two ago when they had like 40 or so views. Love this band.
  11. Prefer their S/T from six years ago. But this is still good.
  12. doesnt have savior on it smh