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  1. Holy shit they're still together? Huge nostalgia. Used to listen to them in like 2004-05... when they were terrible. This is really good!
  2. Thought the artist name said Gridlink, got really excited. :[
  3. Would be even better with their vocalist. :[ Still really good but he brought a lot of things together in their music imo. Side note, though, the beginning of this sounds a lot like Emperor of Mind's Anybody Up For A Sorry Party?, which is another amazing instrumental track.
  4. the atmosphere on that single is really cool imma check this out
  5. Nah Hundredth made easily their best material with their last album.
  6. If the song Control is anything to go by, this album will be in my top 10 for this year. Easily.
  7. I've never enjoyed Creed but regardless yeah, they sound so different. I never knew they were the same members until about a year ago.
  8. Always wondered what really created such a drastic change in quality and sound... still have no idea.
  9. With better vocals this would be a great release. It's pretty decent though.