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  1. Very catchy. Been awhile since this side project has done anything. Eight years since their last EP right?
  2. They had a four-song demo EP in 2017, check it out!
  3. Release - April 3, 2020 Genre - Progressive Post-Hardcore Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR ***Personal purchase.*** Tracklist: 01. 2WO (2:45) Download Support! Facebook / Bandcamp
  4. Release - January 10, 2020 Genre - Progressive Post-Hardcore Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR *** Personal purchase *** Tracklist: 01. 1NE (2:47) Download Support! Facebook / Bandcamp
  5. A great welcome back. By the way, the time for the second track is wrong on this post (looks like you just missed the zero), just to point that out.
  6. Welcome to KL when it comes to good albums.
  7. One of the heaviest, nastiest deathcore bands out there. Looking forward to listening to this.
  8. So pleasing on the ears. Loving this.
  9. Good stuff. Reminds me of some sort of Oathbreaker / Dreadnought crossover.
  10. Heard the preview of this earlier today, had to see if the whole single was here. Hyped for the new album, hope it's better than Vector (which was good, but left a little to be desired).
  11. Interesting cover of one of my favourite prog rock songs of all time.
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