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  1. download is only 56 seconds long, actual song goes for 2:34. still bangs.
  2. Did this band change from when Heaven's A Lie was a hit? This song was actually enjoyable for me.
  3. This is fucking great. Sonically huge like Korn.
  4. Jaz and her new band Death Twitch dropped a track called 'Pressure' and it is fucking wild.
  5. album suffers from awful production imo
  6. that not on our watch riff gets my willy stiff
  7. If this is dad metal then I'm about to have me some kids, walk the plank at a festival in front of 30,000 pirates and kick the little cunts out into the pit. Album is a fucking wild trip and I'm going round and round again. 10/10 dubloons.
  8. This is really really fucking good. It is a guest spot from Matt from DVSR on Stranger Self. Novelists singer (also Matt) did a guest spot on DVSR's record last year. Can we confirm it Jesse is the other guest? Any others?
  9. Hey man any chance I could get the zippy link you posted earlier please?
  10. I downloaded it twice trying to avoid the skipping, it's killing me.
  11. Can someone just post up the Hellions track so I don't have to get the other garbage? Haha.
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