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  1. You made my year (for now) KL! Thank you!! Seeing them in Madison Square Garden on the 30th comes in 1st haha. PS; If you're a fan, this album is fucking DOPE!
  2. Easily their best album in a long time, could end up being the best, imo.
  3. PTL. Seems faster and seems to have less pop ups. Zippy is a close 2nd.
  4. I'm sorry. I'm brand new to...how you say...music? So, I was unaware of this..... "bruh"... everyone says that... EXCEPT Eminem. Eminem has never tried to appeal to anyone nor said a word that implied that he would. This is why I can't stand social media. You literally can't say anything without someone having a slick comment. Do you do this in real life? Just make shitty observations and speak them out loud? Why did you even take the time out of your day? Anyway.. enjoy hating everything.
  5. I agree with most people, for the most part, that the 1st 2 "singles" haven't been his best work. BUT, Walk on Water is the album opener, as an opener it's actually good, and for the older crowd on here, you might recall that his "singles" have usually been his worst songs on the album. (The Real Slim Shady) It looks like it's cool to diss Eminem these days, but I wouldn't dismiss him or this album just yet.
  6. In the interview he did with Elton he said this album has "a little something for everyone". So, I'm expecting a diverse album.
  7. ................... okay, but let me be the judge of that. Thanks.
  8. Where might I find this piece of gold?
  9. I think this album is really going to resonate with Used fans, the ones who REALLY love/like The Used. The more I listen the more it grows on me. I think that's possible for the casual fan, but very likely for the former. I rarely post on here cause it seems very toxic at times. If you want to post your review/opinion, regardless of what it is, I think that's great, but I'd love to see people stop "bashing" certain albums/bands and especially the people that like em. There's really no point and it just causes problems and drama. Just my opinion for what it's worth. I greatly appreciate KL regardless!
  10. Couldn't agree more. I was originally going to put that in my post but it was a little long as it was haha.
  11. I guess you're referring to the others?
  12. Some of you need to go on YouTube apparently. Maybe read an article or two, I promise they're not too long... Bert explains the production of the album, and how they WANTED it to sound/feel like it was "live". They wanted it raw, and messy. He also explains what inspired the album, the albums name, and you get to hear it right away in the opening of "For You". I've been a fan since the beginning, and I personally love what I've heard so far, and I can agree to disagree with those who do. But, a few of you should go watch the 1 min clips they posted, you might find yourself appreciating this album a little more.
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