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  1. Dude... it's April Fools Day... It's a joke... See above ^
  2. Update: Listened to Peace. In my opinion, it doesn't match War by any stretch of the imagination, but it's still pretty good. It honestly feels like an album of Demon Hunter B-sides which isn't necessarily a bad thing. My main issue is that the tone of the album rarely changes and that some of the songs blend together to the point where I really couldn't tell which was which. There are still some songs I'd come back to, but not nearly as many as War. Rating: 6.5/10 Best Tracks: More Than Bones, Two Ways, Recuse Myself Worst Tracks: Nothing inherently bad, just a lot of forgettable songs
  3. After first listen to War, I'd give it an 8.5/10. It's satisfyingly heavy and has the same Demon Hunter flair they've always had. Only negative might be that some of the hooks fall a little flat. Screams are awesome tho. Best Tracks: On My Side, Close Enough, The Negative, Lesser Gods Worst Tracks: None... Seriously, this album is great
  4. Fuck this is an early surprise! Thanks!!!
  5. What in the world is that mix? It wouldn't be bad it someone put some bass in it...
  6. Wrong band name. Should be Awaken I Am. (Update: Thx bb)
  7. Any answer other than Rivers of Nihil is invalid. That album was an experience like few others.
  8. Wow... This is awful. I can't even make it all the way through.
  9. It is possible that he will only do them for live shows. Hopefully they put some on the next record, but we'll see.
  10. Rumor has it, Tyler Carter has been learning unclean vocals and will do them soon.
  11. Since when are these guys on Rise? Oh well. Much hype.
  12. This is utter crap compared to the original. Removing the screaming ruins the entire mood of the song.
  13. Absolutely beautiful. Wage War can just take all of my money.
  14. Wage War - Deadweight Enter Shikari - The Spark Code Orange - Forever Asking Alexandria - Asking Alexandria Oceans Ate Alaska - Hikari Trivium - The Sin and the Sentence Veil of Maya - False Idol NF - Perception Lower Than Atlantis - Safe In Sound Dead By April - Worlds Collide
  15. It's missing the last track "won't stop"
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