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  1. crossgates goes so fucking hard. i was not expecting that at all. wish it was longer though with that same amount of heavy
  2. Definitely an interesting song. Love it nonetheless and I'm hyped for a new album!
  3. it's weird seeing my name on a track on this site lol especially since i recorded my spot in that when i was 17 lol i'm on track 7 with Kyle Medina and Michael Allen Jaques
  4. 1. The Devil Wears Prada - The Act 2. The Acacia Strain - It Comes In Waves 3. Whitechapel - The Valley 4. The Last Ten Seconds Of Life - Machina Non Grata 5. Knocked Loose - A Different Shade Of Blue 6. I Prevail - Trauma 7. Motionless In White - Disguise 8. Disfiguring The Goddess - Katapillar 9. Extortionist - Sever The Cord 10. The Burning Wind - An Inheritance In A#
  5. definitely an interesting release. not what i was expecting to be honest. production is definitely way different than previous material. i feel like this release might push fans away cos it doesn't have the usual very high production quality, but personally i love it cos it just feel raw and real. and that snare. just. absolute perfection
  6. A top tier song from a top tier band. I've had the pleasure of seeing them a couple times and this song really shows a maturing and growing as musicians. Also just a huge congrats to them for getting signed to Stay Sick Records.
  7. i'm in absolute love with this album. not one bad song. plus i'm so happy i'm able to hear the studio version of Switchblade. i was at the show where they first debuted it live
  8. definitely weird have Gene back on vocals with the instruments. but not against it. Shit Talk was good, and Gun Fight is really good. only thing i don't like about Gun Fight is the intro and how it just randomly cuts. i thought the audio file was fucked up for a hot second lol
  9. What does your comment mean? I'm genuinely curious. cos there aren't any lyrics to the song yet so you can't go off that, and the song title is just "A Rape Of Sirens".
  10. personally i feel like this is a top-tier song of their's. it's just so different from the rest of their songs, that it just makes it so unique and perfect. do i think it'll be a top song on the album? no, but it's a great song to start out with. i honestly just wanna hear Switchblade already though. i was at the show where they first played it live and it sounded amazing then, i'm excited to hear how the studio version sounds
  11. these guys are really good. especially live. ive seen em 3 times already and the heaviness is nuts
  12. I love these guys. I've seen em live 5 times already and they're amazing. it's also just really cool how Casey's back on vocals since Vulture and Dr. Acula
  13. thanks for posting, please tell me what you think, it's my first anything released. it wasn't mixed nor mastered. so it's just raw lol
  14. I really like it. I think it's like songs on Earthbound and I just love every Bury Tomorrow song so this is great as well
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