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  1. A top tier song from a top tier band. I've had the pleasure of seeing them a couple times and this song really shows a maturing and growing as musicians. Also just a huge congrats to them for getting signed to Stay Sick Records.
  2. i'm in absolute love with this album. not one bad song. plus i'm so happy i'm able to hear the studio version of Switchblade. i was at the show where they first debuted it live
  3. definitely weird have Gene back on vocals with the instruments. but not against it. Shit Talk was good, and Gun Fight is really good. only thing i don't like about Gun Fight is the intro and how it just randomly cuts. i thought the audio file was fucked up for a hot second lol
  4. What does your comment mean? I'm genuinely curious. cos there aren't any lyrics to the song yet so you can't go off that, and the song title is just "A Rape Of Sirens".
  5. personally i feel like this is a top-tier song of their's. it's just so different from the rest of their songs, that it just makes it so unique and perfect. do i think it'll be a top song on the album? no, but it's a great song to start out with. i honestly just wanna hear Switchblade already though. i was at the show where they first played it live and it sounded amazing then, i'm excited to hear how the studio version sounds
  6. these guys are really good. especially live. ive seen em 3 times already and the heaviness is nuts
  7. I love these guys. I've seen em live 5 times already and they're amazing. it's also just really cool how Casey's back on vocals since Vulture and Dr. Acula
  8. thanks for posting, please tell me what you think, it's my first anything released. it wasn't mixed nor mastered. so it's just raw lol
  9. I really like it. I think it's like songs on Earthbound and I just love every Bury Tomorrow song so this is great as well
  10. I'm not ashamed to say i kinda like the song cos it's just funny to listen to plus i like the beat tbh lol
  11. Love this so much. Has such an interesting mix of different genre's and it just sounds absolutely incredible
  12. I gotta say, I really like this release. I wish it had the other singles that they released on it though to make it 8 tracks. But this is still an awesome EP. Not as good as Deliver Us but still really good.
  13. The production really isn't that bad honestly. It could be worse. I've heard worse. Plus it's their debut release too. It's not gonna sound absolutely perfect. They can only go to a studio they can afford. Cos going to a studio is expensive as hell.
  14. 1) 'sabella - DOG DAZE 2) Agonal Breathing - Pure Agony 3) Miss May I - Shadows Inside 4) Dying Fetus - Wrong One To Fuck With 5) Signs Of The Swarm - The Disfigurement Of Existence 6) The Acacia Strain - Gravebloom 7) Sworn In - All Smiles 8) Sharptooth - Clever Girl 9) Lorna Shore - Flesh Coffin 10) Bodysnatcher - Death Of Me
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