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  1. Thanks! I feel like Neaera is really underrated. Looking forward to hearing it!
  2. Didn't even know they had a new album coming. Thanks!
  3. (No particular order) - InVisions - Between You & Me - Bloodline - Better View - Torments - Endless Waves EP - Bring Me The Horizon - amo - Any Given Day - Overpower - Orchards - Orchards EP - Of Mice & Men - Earthandsky - Alpha Wolf - Fault EP - Life Right Now - Life Right Now - Dayshell - Mr. Pain
  4. Thought it was another band because of the "FR" in the title. And the comments seemed like it was another band going "meh". But I really like it. Good job.
  5. Black Diamonds was awesome, Issues was quite nice, Headspace was alright. And this seems - so far - quite meh. I have to give it a proper listen but it just seems they lost steam, no power behind most songs.
  6. Never thought this album would be done lol. Glad to see it. Hope it doesn't disappoint
  7. This is one underrated band. Sad they aren't around anymore. Awesome album, glad it got (re-)uploaded
  8. It's been way too long since they released their former album. Looking forward to hearing this. Thanks
  9. But... But.. They were done. They are BACK!?
  10. This was just a major letdown. Most songs just feel the same. Slow paced and starting to build up the suspense - only to go back in tempo. I just thought "Anon. Yep, it truly feels anonymous" It feels like they though "Oh, yeah, it's been a while since the last album. Let's just bang this out quick" Or like an assignment being forgotten only to be finished the day before. I am really disappointed.
  11. This is great. And it actually sounds like Soilwork
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