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  1. Asking Alexandria - Where Did It Go? (Single) (2017)

    Feels like a song that would sit in my library. But every time it played I'd skip it.
  2. Exit Empire - Exit Empire (2017)

    Just download it from their Bandcamp. It's free anyway
  3. Coldrain - Fateless (2017)

    Why comment if you are just bashing? Personally I'm looking forward very much!
  4. We Came As Romans - Lost in the Moment (Single) (2017)

    Oh God, I like this! Very much!
  5. Sounds like Shattered Skies

    Thanks, guys. Will check them out :)!
  6. Caligulas Horse - In Contact (2017)

    Didn't really care for their earlier releases, but holy shit this sounds fantastic so far. Gonna give it a try
  7. Attack Attack! - Full Discography (2007-2012)

    Is it possible to get some new links up for Someday Came Suddenly, Attack Attack (Re-Issue) and This Means War? Can't find the report button
  8. Sounds like Shattered Skies

    Hey Anyone know of any bands sounding like Shattered Skies Would love to have something similar to listen to. Thanks
  9. Yup, seems like they forgot to upload CD 3 It'll come soon enough
  10. Spoken - IX (2017)

    Sweet. Thanks a bunch
  11. Story Of The Year - Bang Bang (Single) (2017)

    Glad they're still going! Thought they were gone
  12. My Ticket Home - Thrush [Single] (2017)

    At least they moved on from "puke metal" or what they called it lol. Sounds... okay
  13. Avicii - Avīci (01) [EP] (2017)

    Just saw he uploaded some new songs on YouTube. Thanks
  14. Project Oxid - Hatsumei (2017)

    The 320 kbps version is on his blogspot now (Website under Support)
  15. Versus Me - Changes (2016)

    Fast as usual. Thanks.