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  1. This caught me by surprise. Very nice single!
  2. One of the few albums I am actually looking forward to hearing
  3. Had to listen to their first album on two separate occasions to really like it. This song I feel is the same, I have to give it a chance. Not that fond of the first half of the song but then it changes and reminds me that I like what they are doing. Subtly forcing me to like the entire song, making me like new elements of music.
  4. I hope I'll like the music cause I want this artwork in my library
  5. Finally listened to their stuff. It's great. Thanks
  6. Nice surprise. Didn't know they had an album coming. Thanks
  7. Never heard of them. Gave this song a try... just by random. I loved it. Thanks!
  8. Wtf, this is the third band I see called Voices
  9. I do agree that this is bad compared to their first songs. But damn, chill.
  10. Great. These guys have been silent for so long. Hope it's as good as their early stuff.
  11. Gracias. Didn't even know they were working on new stuff
  12. Finally they are releasing new material