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  1. PassTheLeaks is my go-to here. It's just as quick as Zippy if not quicker and the links seem to last longer.
  2. It's cool it came with an oblivion sticker and two imprint signed guitar picks from Sean. I'm not a big fan of the digipak cover it came in the same as the Rareities album. At least all the lyrics are printed on the inside though. As for the album, it's pretty solid. "Small Incision" surprised me with Sean playing piano.. For a 10 track album it seems pretty long too, with most songs clocking in or over 4 mins.
  3. Damn. My pm got bombarded by members for those 4 tracks. Haha! I wasn't expecting that.. You're all welcome! I have almost everything by him. Loose tracks, his alt. rock album from 2016 Trau Choi, the Lil Tofu tracks.. If you haven't heard it.. Youtube "Lil Tofu - Living Lies" - It's like a lowkey Lil Uzi Vert / Migos diss. Maybe I'll put up a discography when I have time.
  4. My cd / hoodie bundle was shipped two days ago. The hoodie looks so sick! I can't wait to rock it. This album is at least longer than Reaper was.. I had to make a custom deluxe version of that.. Which I got in trouble here posting it. Although it's still available here... I have 4 tracks (Joe gave out at various places) to add to Ruiner but I don't want to get in trouble for it. So if you want them just hit me up. 12. klonopin (demo) 320kbps 13. absence 320kbps 14. walls 320kbps 15. ornament 160kbps
  5. It's his darkest work yet, but too short.. So I made a Deluxe Edition for those that want it.. Enjoy Reaper [Deluxe Edition] (2017)* 1 Houdini 2 Clarity In Kerosene 3 Funeral Fantasy 4 REM (feat. Lil West) 5 Black Heart 6 Deadbeat Valentine* 7 Neither Here, Nor There* 8 Marykate 9 Hopes Up (Feat. Dashboard Confessional) 10 Skully 11 Twenty Something* 12 Nevermore 13 Parking Lot* 14 Letdown* 15 Don't Mind Me* * Custom Deluxe Edition bonus tracks. I tacked in the loose singles over the last two years as bonus tracks to make it a full length album. The singles are 320kbps I bought from Itunes to match the album bitrate. 320 Kbps CD Rip + Itunes 320 Kbps:
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