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  1. Ugh I hate that. So lazy. RED did the same thing with their “Breathe Into Me” (acoustic) and it pissed me off
  2. so Ben didnt't re-record vocals for any of the tracks? just re-used the vocal tracks from the original songs & added acoustic instruments to them?
  3. Ahhh okay. Still a great track for sure
  4. so that isn't Shomo doing the screamed verse towards the end of the song?
  5. Really? Ghost Stories (2014) was fantastic. Give that another spin
  6. yeah its a shame. the state champs one is good tho
  7. The full album is now out. Surprised it’s not added on here yet!
  8. If someone can submit a flac copy that’d be awesome
  9. Are you sure? I doubt they would just re-use vocals from 2004. Especially when they’re already in studio recording vocals for some other songs on the track list which haven’t been acoustic before
  10. Much After Feeling is best track
  11. Quit downvoting my posts bro. 

  12. I’m sure they still re-recorded the vocals and instruments, they just didn’t change up the style of the song & wanted it to be close to the OG as possible. waste of a spot on the track list considering they released an acoustic version of this song before (like you said). There’s so many other great songs on We Are Not Alone they could’ve picked to do acoustic versions of.
  13. Exactly plus they already did a live acoustic version of this song in 2004 that was released on an EP & it sounds just as good as this if not better. I was disappointed in the lack of (other) We Are Not Alone tracks for this acoustic album. “Follow” or “Sooner or Later” acoustic would’ve been awesome. also some more stuff from “Phobia” would be nice.
  14. Definitely some filler tracks on this one, but that’s fine you can’t expect them to top Peripheral Vision and Good Nature. “Much After Feeling” is for sure one of their best & catchiest songs though
  15. Terrible take but ok Lol “couldn’t finish this” that alone makes your opinion invalid. PV is great but you need to stop comparing everything to it. A lot of ppl sh*t on Good Nature because it was a different style but i actually liked that one more than PV. This album sounds more like a combo of the first two. Btw you can’t tell me “Much After Feeling” isn’t a great song They haven’t been pop punk since their debut EP way back before Peripheral Vision came out. They’ve been shoegaze/dream pop since then and it works for them more imo
  16. I personally think the second album “Nexus” is strongest.
  17. Go revisit the second album “Nexus”. Much more original and not bland.
  18. Not his best work but there’s plenty of worse stuff from this year by other bands/artists. Don’t be naive
  19. Go back and listen to the 2nd album “Nexus” again. Much better material and his unique style of vocals are better utilized.
  20. Yeah a few of these songs were filler material and easily could’ve been swapped out for better quality re-recordings of the demos “H8wave” and “Feelfly”. Those are good songs. I get that Shayley figured we’d want more new songs instead of re-recording those two demos but in this case quantity shouldn’t be prioritized over quality. “Nexus” is still the best album by far. That’s okay though. Not every new album has to top the previous:
  21. Well it does kinda have the same vibe from "Ghost Stories" (2014) and that's a good thing for sure
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