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  1. ....but should anyone here actually care that you don’t like the cover? 😂
  2. So is “Proper Dose”, “If I Fall”, & “Need to Know” lol f*ck that guy. So edgy
  3. Only 66 MB when it’s a 320 KBPS album with 11 tracks? Seems a bit strange
  4. Give the last album another listen. It really grows on you each time. Lots of great tracks
  5. Wait, doesnt Phil Sgrosso do all the clean choruses in AILD songs? This sounded just like the cleans in past AILD songs so figured it was still him. edit: okay I looked it up and saw Josh is listed as clean vocalist while Phil is just listed as backup vocalist. Weird, because in the old music videos I saw (like Parallels and Greater Foundation) it looked like Phil was singing the cleans by himself and not Josh
  6. Agreed. Eternity Forever was a much better sounding project. Completely different style from this but that's the style where his voice fits best. It's such a shame things didn't work out between members
  7. I think you're being a little too generous with those ratings. Besides the first three singles they released, the rest kind of sound the same and aren't that catchy. Torn in Two is decent and that wasn't even a single. Just because it has more screams doesnt mean it's good. It's a solid BB album, better than DBD but not nearly as original as We Are Not Alone or Dear Agony. Lol..."screamo"
  8. Eh, it's okay. Too much of a long slow start to the song and it's not even as catchy as some of the other tracks. Still doesn't hold a candle to We Are Not Alone or even Phobia. Sorry. Go re-listen to those albums.
  9. I mean, their debut album was entirely acoustic so not sure what you mean. They covered songs by non-acoustic bands, yes. But the covers were acoustic. Having said that I do think they could be a full blown pop punk band (not just acoustic) with how great the singer's voice is
  10. I mean, I agree, but I honestly felt that way about the last few Sevendust albums. I don't see how anything on Black Out the Sun is better than these singles so far.
  11. On My Teeth and It Has to Start Somewhere are great too. Best on the album. Sound like old UØ
  12. God. Fans like you are so cancerous. Sucks for you bro. Go listen to They're Only Chasing Safety again and get back to me.