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  1. Senses Fail - If There is Light, It Will Find You (2018)

    Only single I enjoyed was "Double Cross"...the other two were kinda meh....hope the rest of the album is more promising. And how is there no 320 yet??
  2. Eyes Set To Kill - Not Sorry [Single] (2018)

    This band's first album "Reach" is still a hugely underrated post hardcore album. Sadly after the original screamer left (after the 2nd album) it wasn't quite the same.
  3. Black Veil Brides - Vale (2018)

    I guess to each his own!
  4. Black Veil Brides - Vale (2018)

    Those albums sucked. We Stitch These Wounds is still the best.
  5. Of Mice & Men - Defy (2018)

    Back to Me is actually one of the more decent tracks. Why would they have not included it on the album?
  6. Alesana - The Lost Chapters (2017)

    He barely even has any lines that whole song. Definitely the worst thing Shawn Milke has ever been apart of.
  7. Alesana - The Lost Chapters (2017)

    Just like your opinion.
  8. Evanescence - Synthesis (2017)

    Where does it say "metal"? It says "Symphonic Rock", "Electronic", & "Alternative Metal". I assume you're butthurt over it saying Alternative Metal. That genre covers a wide range of bands, there's many subgenres of metal. The orchastraic songs may not be metal but their original stuff can certainly be classified as alternative metal.
  9. Evanescence - Synthesis (2017)

    One or two new songs. "Imperfection" is a new one and is pretty catchy. They said the next album will be back to the original rock style and will be all new songs.
  10. Evanescence - Synthesis (2017)

    Agreed. Some of the elitists on this site are f*cking cancer. If you don't like the band, don't click on the album and comment.
  11. Evanescence - Synthesis (2017)

    F*ck you, piece of sh*t troll. Why even comment or click the link? Not every album posted on this site is gonna be something you like. Theres tons of bands and artists posted on this site I don't care for but I don't click the links and write sh*tty butthurt comments on them. They actually had multiple hits on their debut album. "Bring Me to Life" may be the popular one that everyone knows but it doesn't make it bad. And, FYI--It was actually in Daredevil but it was already a radiok hit before the movie was even made, you jackass. They also had a huge hit on their 2nd album called "Call Me When You're Sober" which had tons of mainstream radio play. Their 3rd album didn't reach mainstream radio success but did have a few good singles played on XM rock stations. So how about do a little research before you judge something you don't understand. All you hipster/indie/metal elitists are all the same. If its even remotely mainstream, you sh*t on it & talk like your opinion is fact. Next time a band you don't like is posted on this site, how about ignore it & keep scrolling? I'm sure there's bands you like that a lot of people hate.
  12. I Prevail - Lifelines (2016)

    You rent CDs from a library? Didn't think libraries still bought new CDs for people to rent....much less bands from this scene. Especially with how easy it is to download albums for free nowadays.
  13. Dayshell - Low Light (Single) (2016)

    ....all 3 new Dayshell singles are better than anything Asking Alexandria has made. So gtfo with that negativity.