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  1. wow, "Shimmer" didn't even make your list? That's by far the best one imo!
  2. Yeah that’s not how that works. if you were “singing along in your first play through” then you clearly liked the album.
  3. Download their previous album “Pilot” (2018)
  4. Who’s the assh*le that downvoted like every positive comment on this post? some people on this site, I swear lol
  5. Lol I feel like anytime I’ve seen you comment on an album I’m downloading it’s a negative comment. You sure are hard to please
  6. Lol.....😅really? Anything from (even the worst track) from “Innocence & Instinct” or even “Of Beauty & Rage” easily tops this song.
  7. Ugh I hate that. So lazy. RED did the same thing with their “Breathe Into Me” (acoustic) and it pissed me off
  8. so Ben didnt't re-record vocals for any of the tracks? just re-used the vocal tracks from the original songs & added acoustic instruments to them?
  9. Ahhh okay. Still a great track for sure
  10. so that isn't Shomo doing the screamed verse towards the end of the song?
  11. Really? Ghost Stories (2014) was fantastic. Give that another spin
  12. yeah its a shame. the state champs one is good tho
  13. The full album is now out. Surprised it’s not added on here yet!
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