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  1. Adds some more nice variety to UNFD’s lineup too
  2. Needs a vinyl release. Tragic Hero finally pressed Recover recently but still have yet to do Shout the Truth
  3. If someone can rip the FLAC from the Target CD (both discs) that’d be nice. The FLAC already uploaded here sounds too quiet to be a real lossless rip
  4. Idk he said “haven’t interested him at all” which makes it sound like he didn’t even listen to the album
  5. Sounded like you didn’t even listen to it.
  6. Like I said, that’s all subjective. If Hot Mulligan’s new album didn’t interest you at all then you aren’t a real pop punk fan, that’s my opinion
  7. The ones I listed don’t qualify as a lot of good pop punk bands?
  8. The Story So Far? Hot Mulligan? Knuckle Puck? Neck Deep? just because you personally don’t like those bands doesn’t mean pop punk is an “extremely mediocre genre” now
  9. @n1ne0x ? How is a Sense of Purpose bad? do you even remember it or any of the tracks? Lemme guess, not heavy enough for your standards?
  10. Ehhh Sounds of a Playground Fading (2011) has some great tracks, and A Sense of Purpose (2008) is very solid throughout.
  11. Thank you for also giving us Ocean Grove & Northlane
  12. Anyone have a FLAC copy of the debut album “Daydream Forever” they can submit to this site? Nobody else has it
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