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  1. Thanks a lot for this upload ! This EP is great, my expectations were right
  2. Huge Silent Planet vibes. This is very good. Thanks for uploading this
  3. Yes yes yes ! Let's go Thanks for uploading btw
  4. The album is very good too, but I agree about the last single, Abandoned is some next level stuff to compare with IIWY's 2 lasts albums
  5. They aren't revolutioning the genre but they are so solid in what they make. Last album was amazing, this one is even better imo. Thanks for uploading !
  6. This is a very good song, didn't know about these guys. Huge If I Were You vibes. Thanks for uploading !
  7. Thanks a lot bro ! Let's rock that
  8. This is definitely an AOTY contender. Not disappointed at all, now it's on repeat 24/7. Solid 9 or maybe 9.5/10
  9. Thanks a million times for that. This album is another masterpiece to add to their discography.
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