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  1. Just a heads up that this might be a vinyl rip.
  2. It seems the first disc of this might just be the first disc of the 2009 Collector's Edition. Stacking tracks from this and the CE onto Audacity, they're completely identical.
  3. Very much looking forward to this. Alopecia, Eskimo Snow, and Elephant Eyelash are great alt hip-hop/indie rock records.
  4. @@HyperDose -- Artwork was done by Charlie Brand, the lead vocalist of the group. Very talented dude! Very psyched to give this a spin. Mini Tigers are slept on pretty hard since most consider their last two records to be lacking and a major departure from their first two.
  5. This record is the goddamn shit. Currently waiting for lyrics before I really sink my teeth into it, but inital impressions are real good all around.
  6. Zippy link's been down for a long time now.
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