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  1. Trophy Eyes never disappoint, however, his cleans sound almost like Andy Black and that’s the only complaint I have.
  2. Can’t KL ban her? She’s toxic to the community, my dudes.
  3. I actually know these dudes. Local band from back home. I think they replaced Hayden on vocals because he’s apart of two other local bands. Census is better local metal core, but Britton has put a lot of heart into getting Smoke Signals where they are today. Good dudes.
  4. Another gem that will probably be forgotten due to lack of hype. Dont sleep on this, guys!
  5. Awesome local band from the Hot Springs area of Arkanshit. Cool dudes, amazing talent.
  6. Okay, it's getting better with more listen time. Sadly, not what I expected at all. I guess the line up change caused this.
  7. Thanks for this! However, anyone who is looking forward to this, the quality is lacking. Usually I dont mind how it sounds, but the instrumentals outsound the vocals at 128 kB/s. Anyway, a beautiful listen if you see past that.
  8. I feel like this album is gonna be like "New Again;" a favorite of mine, but hated by many.
  9. AOTY contender for sure. Dug every single so far. Definitely a huge improvement in sound from "The Angst in my Veins."
  10. Damn, was hoping for this to be good. Definitely not digging it so far. They need to kick that Nü-Metal bullshit.
  11. For me, it was Tiny Moving Parts. I don't know if we're doing May or June. I assume May. Anyhow, "I hope you never let our love descend Can you please promise me that we will always be friends? I need this I need you And if you ever want to know what it’s like to be alone Just ask me I’m the example of a lost human being Maybe what moved you is what’s moving me Time heals all wounds sounds so confusing Maybe what moved you is what’s moving me It’s the littlest things I won’t forget the day We took off our clothes in the rain Danced until the morning came But the memory remains You were drenched down to the bone I was so cold yet so warm A final frail hug on this plateau Seconds before you had to go You were drenched down to the bone I was so cold yet so warm We went inside and dried out the night Everything is gone but the memory remains" Birdhouse// TMP The reason this song lyrically hits home for me is because it literally feels like they tore the memory out of my head and made a song of it. Word for word, I feel this song. It devours me. I'm not a huge fan of its presentation, but lyrically, this is the one.
  12. Because bands like Issues and Memphis May Fire had albums out around this time that were overhyped so long you didn't get to hear these guys. Also, Architects released a dope album and was respectfully talked about as well. Post Hardcore and Metalcore usually overshadows genres of this sort on KL. Gotta keep a keen eye.
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