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  1. Singles were decent. Madness was amazing and I've been disappointed by this so far, besides Empire To Ashes. Looking forward to listening though. They tend to release the worst songs as the singles.
  2. All of this hype made me download this. PRetty shitty album. Sounds like a wannabee Miley Cyrus album with guitars. 4/10
  3. Does this leak come with complimentary razor blades for easy self-harm?
  4. All three singles were amazing , hoping the rest is as well
  5. Silverstein - A Shipwreck In The Sand !!! - is a straight classic A Day To Remember - Homesick !! - was the best album released in High School Yellow Claw - Blood For Mercy ! - is an amazing front to back EDM album A$AP Rocky - At.Long.Last.ASAP - is probably the best rap album of this decade
  6. You guys are hopeless. Compared to the utter shit you people listen to, this is gold. Not their best work. But better than 99% of "meta" releases this year.