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  1. It has 12 tracks, you sure that's not too long for you to enjoy it?
  2. Yea a half-assed, showing an artist or band lack creativity to come up with anymore than 10 tracks, 30 minute long album is sooo much better.. Moron.
  3. Bring Me The Horseshit. This band is done for, what a waste of time. 0/10
  4. Thanks :-) Been looking forward to this.
  5. These guys are from my hometown, but I didnt know they were still making music.. Glad there are though, cause this shit SLAPS.
  6. Why does this dude still release music ?? Kanye's been complete trash for like what 8 years now?
  7. Nobody: Tyler Carter: Let me dress in women's clothing 2 videos in a row, and ride around town with a tranny in my car.
  8. Fall Out Boy and Green Day releasing these pathetic songs in 2019 is a disgrace to their discographies.
  9. Yes, first band in history to release instrumentals of their albums. Ground breaking innovation right there.
  10. Its a good move actually, since Kanye West is absolute shit.
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