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  1. Why does this dude still release music ?? Kanye's been complete trash for like what 8 years now?
  2. The less Jon Mess, the better. Great tune.
  3. Identity On Fire is such a great album.
  4. Nobody: Tyler Carter: Let me dress in women's clothing 2 videos in a row, and ride around town with a tranny in my car.
  5. Fall Out Boy and Green Day releasing these pathetic songs in 2019 is a disgrace to their discographies.
  6. Yes, first band in history to release instrumentals of their albums. Ground breaking innovation right there.
  7. Its a good move actually, since Kanye West is absolute shit.
  8. I mean its not like this overrated trash band ever released any good music to begin with, so basically another garbage track to add to their collection. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. A lot of that Billie Eilish album shouldn't have been made.. By far the worst music she's ever put out. I like her a lot, but that album.. man was it bad.
  10. Remember when Landon made good music ? Pepperidge Farm remembers.
  11. Hahaha so many butthurt babies on here crying about Breezy. Where did he touch you guys ?
  12. Also, can't believe Chelsea Grin went from what they were, to the garbage they are now.
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