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  1. Nice cash grab before the inevitable demise of this band.
  2. These guys need to stop. This is embarassing.
  3. From Could You Watch Your Children Burn, to this absolute trash. Landon has fallen off, hard.
  4. he said he has a few tracks with Em ready, but they didnt fit this project according to him.
  5. Its the lead singer making a bunch of profiles to make it seem like this shit doesnt suck. Lmfao.
  6. Rescue Me is a banger, but that weird British Yungblood dude on Tongue Tied fucking ruins that track.
  7. Her music keeps getting worse, and more boring with each release. She used to be so good.. And whoever called this a "banger", clearly doesn't know what a banger is, lol.
  8. I was digging it, until that god awful rap verse came in. Ruined it.
  9. Facts lol, the OP has no idea what the hell he's talking about.
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