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  1. thanks for cd version. spotify doesn't have intro or outro tracks, and "comeback" now has features
  2. Yes, Old Me and Not In The Same Way in this zip are the clean versions. If I ask nicely, will they get updated like Old Me was in its single thread?
  3. yeah, I think it was the beat/"drums" that don't sound like real drums that got me on this one. I prefer the 'live from the vault' rock-ier versions of Easier and Teeth so that says it all really
  4. ah, this is the clean version. not anymore lyrics are good, I personally don't listen to this sound/genre (is it really pop/rock?) definitely wasn't expecting it to come from this band, it's an outlier song for them. reminds me of post malone maybe? I can see the general public/radio listeners liking it, maybe that's the whole reason they've released it
  5. "We are releasing Our House as a standalone single with all profits from sales and streaming going to aid those affected [by bushfires] in Australia." so have whatever opinion you want on the song, they meant well with writing and releasing it.
  6. yeah the song was even written with and produced by taylor york. always find it weird when "solo" stuff is done with the same people they've worked with for band releases, like congrats you made a slightly different song with only one of your vocalists this time? lines are very blurry with this first song from her (Petals for Armor)
  7. inb4 shitty fandom kids (stan twitter, maybe instagram) get angry over how 'the colour yellow belongs to [insert other band], ATL stole it!!' this is gonna be a great song live.
  8. a lot of recent ryan tedder co-writes just give me straight onerepublic vibes, and I'm not enjoying that lol
  9. 3am is my favourite favourite song, hands down. wasn't expecting the guitars, give me all the real instruments played by talented people, like chad smith from RHCP https://twitter.com/halsey/status/1218055766210314240
  10. I came here wondering about this, song came out a while ago
  11. I've had this stuck in my head for 2 days so it has that going for her at least
  12. EP release got pushed back to October 11. One Little Lie sounds like an extension of All Time Low's Last Young Renegade ft Mark, which I love. Need Me is perfect too.
  13. Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low and writer/producer Zakk Cervini contributed to this song too so, yeah, this all makes sense https://twitter.com/AlexGaskarth/status/1159122148637716480
  14. Makes me happy to see these comments, people taking their music seriously now? I'm a longtime fan, have been in the bubble of their fandom for 12 years, I've always had questions about what everyone else/the general public really thought of them lol. Did it take Nick's 2014-16 solo stuff or DNCE's one or two pop hits to finally prove how legitimately good they are at pop music? Or like... is this the same movement I've been seeing with Minecraft, where people have stopped bagging on something and are now like "I've pretended to hate this for long enough but it's actually not bad, it's 2019 and I'm going to enjoy it" ?
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