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  1. Makes me happy to see these comments, people taking their music seriously now? I'm a longtime fan, have been in the bubble of their fandom for 12 years, I've always had questions about what everyone else/the general public really thought of them lol. Did it take Nick's 2014-16 solo stuff or DNCE's one or two pop hits to finally prove how legitimately good they are at pop music? Or like... is this the same movement I've been seeing with Minecraft, where people have stopped bagging on something and are now like "I've pretended to hate this for long enough but it's actually not bad, it's 2019 and I'm going to enjoy it" ?
  2. This is a better version of their 2013 comeback single, Pom Poms. Similar vibe but with lyrics that are a hundred times better. Social media is going insane over their return, I'm hoping they can ride this wave onto international stages because their touring history outside of North America is PATHETIC.
  3. lol what, parts of this are 100% Technology. Some new guitar sounds and the bridge maybe but it's no big departure IMO
  4. Yooo, I wasn't expecting strings. So good!
  5. This is fantastic. What the hell. If they don't win an ARIA this year I'm gonna be so mad.
  6. Saw this thread and immediately wondered if these guys got their name from Weightless by All Time Low and... yep. As for the songs: meh, standard pop/punk band, on to the next one...
  7. Album was pushed back from August 24th to September, I'm hoping it's so they can do more (actually decent) promo for it
  8. Why do I feel like it's too soon for another album? Did LYR era even happen? Everything Is Fine felt very youthful (?), super cliche lyrics for a band who are hitting their 30s. Not sure about it. But this one is better; Birthday > EIF.
  9. All of those bands you listed, they've said at some point were inspiration for them. First album was All Time Low? They literally wrote with Alex Gaskarth and wrote/produced with John Feldmann. Second album was Green Day/My Chem? They had been working non-stop and were full of angst, took those feelings back to John Feldmann and Mike Green and made something with more guitars, more drums, more emo everywhere. This was was also pretty rushed. Third album is twenty one pilots? Some of the songs were written with Mike Elizondo. They want to be on the radio. They have those high hopes, they're with a major record label, they want to reach as many people as they can, is that a crime? For some reason I love that your favourite is the first one though
  10. The best part about this band all being songwriters is that each album has 16-20 fcking fantastic songs. Quality AND quantity. I'm also really glad they chose to not work with Feldmann this time. It's different, good different. Throw all your preconceptions out the window and give this a listen.
  11. Album comes out in ~12 hours, date was changed from the 22nd to the 15th, gonna be so good.
  12. But... LYR is good, especially when you listen to it front to back. This song isn't that great.
  13. It sounds like it belongs on a movie soundtrack, the lyrics seem a little, lame? Cliche? I wouldn't say it belongs on Last Young Renegade.
  14. The harmonies in the chorus are so good. Holy crap.
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