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  1. wow this song cured my erectile dysfunction
  2. I agree with what has been said already, it feels lazy and Joshua Travis hardly stands out in this album but Frankie is a fucking psycho with the vocals...would be more enjoyable if he didn't let his 13 yr old brother write the lyrics but who am I kidding that wouldn't be Emmure then 8/10
  3. Surprisingly good, do not sleep on. The cleans could use some work but easy 8/10. FFO: ERRA, Elitist, The Room Colored Charlatan
  4. AOTY that isn't Lorna Shore lol thank you so much! Go see these dudes live if you have the chance
  5. the whole point is that if you like it and can afford to, you purchase the music from the artist. Are you new here? lol
  6. Just awful that artists expect people to pay for an album when songs are under 2 mins, I think I am done with Earl until he puts out something close to his old shit. I can see the appeal of the new stuff but personally it just doesn't work . Wasted talent /10
  7. YES just in time for seasonal depression, lets get it baby thanks KL
  8. can't believe I missed this, sadly the links are down. I click on the one active one and it says you do not have permission to download this
  9. Thank you so much love these guys but didn't have the $ to buy all their material on bandcamp
  10. SO GOOD its like new Contortionist mixed with Architects, this label can do no wrong thanks a million !
  11. WOW that Hacktivist cover might be the worst cover I have ever heard. It is especially awful, everything else is tight especially the Psychosocial
  12. I traveled about 5 hrs to go see these dudes with Currents and Fit For A King and holy shittttt do they put on a show. Been a long time fan and am beyond stoked on this new album. I still play Polar Similar on repeat at least once a week. If you can go see these dudes live, you won't regret it!
  13. They have been playing this on tour on every stop. Can't wait to see them in Minneapolis on the 23rd!
  14. Finally got around to listening to it and I will echo what most are saying here, this album is FUCKING LIT! 10/10 all the way through especially with the more orchestra focused tracks. Absolutely killer album, idk how the boys will ever make something better than this but fuuuuuck this is sick.
  15. Sounds badass, this album might blow Neon out of the water and I fucking loved neon
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