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  1. this looks amazing but i dont do previews (:
  2. not a truely "bad" album, just lacks weight to the album. Two random deadbeat heavy tracks would have made this album the masterpiece it should've been. basically just got an entire help! deluxe edition as an album well, at least they have an entire album for sirius octane ! lmao going to listen to deadbeat and meteora album to fill THIS VOID UNFILLED oh and yup just checked for the nineteenth time SHOOK! is still bad
  3. i dont believe you, i cant believe you
  4. praying there will be some heavy stufff
  5. ugh so thankful for a download (:
  6. except tssf doesnt have a sub-par past release?? soooooo nothing to redeem (:
  7. holy AOTY, this is the golden slice of pizza (: (: (:
  8. nooooo youre thinking of the EPs Seasons is the third and worst (: the EP days were the best
  9. ive been listening to WCAR for a decade, have personally smoked with kyle and other band members, love the band, and every album theyve made except self titled. so ill talk trash on the band all i want they had a bad album, which has no correlation for my respect for kyle or the work hes done.
  10. yeah shook! is a perfect fucking title. Really was trying hard to make myself like the first two singles because both prior albums rip. now im pissed such a trash single WHERES THE HEAVY, very low expectations from this album i hope this isnt another WCAR self titled
  11. ive downloaded all these albums on their leak dates other than the EPs :(((((( major sadness