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  1. issues WAS one of my favorite bands, and im not even going to download this.
  2. heavier than the gym on January 1st, omgggg
  3. so glad this genre is slightlyyy starting to appear on KL, this slaps hopefully we can get more artists like coldhart, smrtdeath, and most importantly lil lotus getting posted, unfortunately i feel this genre is widely overlooked due to juvenile face tats and being categorized as "soundcloud rap", when in reality a good handful of these artists have an interesting take on rap/hiphop with emo influences (emo everything is a good thing) paying homage to a lot of old school emo and even core artists.
  4. Afterparty is fire, i'm just saying there's a pop punk alternative to STYG. Same vocalist
  5. oh this is too heavy for you? that's why theres a band called "Afterparty"
  6. this is trash, hate seeing good bands turn to complete shit
  7. I LOVE SEAWAY, but this is trash... 2 new songs, and alt versions for songs that didnt need alt versions. Sick
  8. also downloaded because minimal pop punk releases lately and posted by dewey reputation boiiii
  9. no, not an exaggeration in the slightest. tell me another rapper that uses UNDEROATH or BRAND NEW samples for songs... i'll wait. Peep is a genre creator
  10. half the artists alive cant touch this in quality soooo win for peep, perkys and the xans for peepy <3333 celebrating his album release for him the way he would do it, i relate to him heavy oh and i barely like rap music in general
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