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  1. also downloaded because minimal pop punk releases lately and posted by dewey reputation boiiii
  2. no, not an exaggeration in the slightest. tell me another rapper that uses UNDEROATH or BRAND NEW samples for songs... i'll wait. Peep is a genre creator
  3. half the artists alive cant touch this in quality soooo win for peep, perkys and the xans for peepy <3333 celebrating his album release for him the way he would do it, i relate to him heavy oh and i barely like rap music in general
  4. favorite two rappers dropped albums today, so fire second quality album this year trippie killin it
  5. DEBATABLY better than the original, and i luhh that long tbt
  6. this looks amazing but i dont do previews (:
  7. not a truely "bad" album, just lacks weight to the album. Two random deadbeat heavy tracks would have made this album the masterpiece it should've been. basically just got an entire help! deluxe edition as an album well, at least they have an entire album for sirius octane ! lmao going to listen to deadbeat and meteora album to fill THIS VOID UNFILLED oh and yup just checked for the nineteenth time SHOOK! is still bad
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