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  1. @Bkyer youuuuu missed the days of hardcore leaks
  2. Except for for this is KL and this song LEAKED back in sept but can only blame myself I should’ve submitted have a trash rip of it tho as well as One and Only and The Sun Room, there’s more but were taken down/never got to dl (both not on circles unless name change) but idg how anyone can even remotely think that Mac compares to xxx no disrespect to X
  3. same, close tie between deceiver and life cycles actually.. but yeah dm and vn was the joke ha ha lol
  4. are your favorite word alive albums dark matter and violent noise????
  5. Peep forever, funny I found him from accidentally clicking Benz truck vid scrolling on KL when cowys1 was posted two years ago, couldn’t tell if I loved or hated his style for like a week. Heavy connection with his lyrical content, it’s that trap goose again..
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