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  1. Wasn't a fan of the singles released but the albums as a whole are really good
  2. Maybe they just peaked with True Defiance but I haven't been impressed much since then. Didn't like half of the last album and this one is shaping up to be another disappointment...
  3. So there are 2 versions of this track??? This one has growling backing vocals but the iTunes version has melodic background vocals...
  4. These guys seriously need to change things up. Their last good album was Indestructible
  5. anyone able to get japan or vinyl bonus tracks yet?
  6. And apparently Walmart sold out before the release date... Doesn't look like they are restocking either since it has been removed from their website now
  7. loving that offspring cover (one of my favorites from them). would have preferred it a little faster though
  8. This album is the best thing 2017 has offered so far. No hesitation on actually buying this after the first listen
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