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  1. the path of limp bizkit wannabes isn't their own path really
  2. what's up with the amount of people saying they never liked Silent Planet until now lol? This is their best work to date but I mean the other 2 albums are also amazing and not far off from this stuff.. It's not like they reinvented their sound completely or something. It's like 2 people comment something and a bunch of you just read it and something clicks in your brain that you have to agree for no discernible reason.
  3. what the fuck is up with this album? Did these guys just go down a drug ridden hole and lose their minds? Most of these songs don't hit the 3 minute mark nvm even hitting the 2 minute mark it's like a collection of jumbled random ideas that never go anywhere. This could've been such a good album I just don't even get what the hell they were going for. Hard to even feel bad about it leaking so early when there's barely even any effort in this thing. Fare thee well Say Anything.
  4. the cover art is making me wanna throw up
  5. Somehow this isn't as horrible as Attila.
  6. damn this is weak for these guys
  7. A sad day for music indeed. I don't think it's a bad album, but then I remember this is the same band that wrote Define the Great Line and Lost in Sound of Separation. Idk how they let this happen it's just such a massive step backwards. Ihateit is a literal disgrace I never thought I'd see the day when I was cringing to an UO tune. Just... sigh.
  8. are you just sitting here waiting for people to comment so you can respond with pointless shit like that lol
  9. how are people finding anything bad to say about this song lol ya'll expect too much. I love it personally and am certain I'll feel the same about the rest of the album
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