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  1. I've listened to this song 3 times already today. Can't wait for the new album.
  2. I love this but damn do I want a full Andres / Strawberry Girls album after that last single.
  3. While I love YYXY, I gotta give it to OEC for having the best EP. That whole thing is amazing front to back. Solo wise, I'm torn between Olivia Hye and Go Won. Can't for that full debut and the most likely repackage of YYXY's debut. Also, the two INK tracks have me betting this album will blow 'Every Trick In The Book' out of the water.
  4. been waiting quite some time; excellent album
  5. this is such a banger, i can't wait for a full length
  6. i've dug some of their newer stuff, the softer sides of 'the order of things' and all, but "madness" is just.. it feels off, and "safe house" is so bland, it's rad that they still bring heavy jams but again, to reiterate everyone else: doesn't sound finished
  7. i don't mean this in a negative or attacking way: at times the vocalist really sounds like the guy from neck deep regardless, i dig it
  8. mothership is, and still was, absolute fire
  9. love these guys, and while there isn't much of a difference between this and the original, it's cool they made the effort
  10. Author - Eidola (not the Post-Hardcore band on Blue Swan) - Forth Wanderers - Juneva -
  11. easily 10/10; on my 50th + full play through and still can't get enough
  12. the latter of the first verse felt a little messy but once the chorus hit and continued on with that energy it grew into something strong better than "bad vibrations" imo, still none of the three singles are really incredibly though
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