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  1. Orbit Culture - Saw (Single) (2018)

    What a BANGER. Thank you BRDSX for the reccomendation
  2. What Are Your Top 5 Most Underrated Albums?

    I'd just like to say one which is Captors by Wolves at the Gate, flawless metalcore record and not many people would have even heard of the band.
  3. Three Days Grace - Outsider (2018)

    Jesus, what garbage.
  4. The Faces of Kingdom Leaks

    mofo looks like carl grimes
  5. The Faces of Kingdom Leaks

    (absolute nobody with shit hair)
  6. For The Fallen Dreams - Six (2018)

    These are some next level vocals. Thanks so much for the leak
  7. Andrew W.K. - Ever Again (Single) (2018)

    Loved AWK since I Get Wet, looking to be a decent album after all these years!
  8. EDEN - vertigo (2018)

    'cause you are not who you think you are
  9. Cane Hill - Too Far Gone (2018)

    I've never got into these guys too much, but this is a great album. Edit: I'm now very into these guys.
  10. Black Veil Brides - Vale (2018)

    Guilty pleasure was too right. I can never say no to a catchy hard rock chorus
  11. For the Fallen Dreams - Stone [Single] (2018)

    Those are some damn nice screams.
  12. Knuckle Puck - Shapeshifter (2017)

    thanks so much!
  13. Knuckle Puck - Want Me Around (Single) (2017)

    Thanks for the leak!