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  1. Eclipse was an amazing album and look forward to these new versions! These guys have been great for 10 years atleast now
  2. I'll miss you Summers, I'll come by sometime and thank you in person for the great leaks since you've been around. Take care my man
  3. Fave album ever, it's a shame everything after Fever was hit or miss
  4. I agree, it's like Randys cleans are lost in the mix a bit, especially during the big choruses. Kyle still sounds huge but yeah I was a little bit underwhelmed with some of the albums cleaner parts
  5. Great production, groovy. Love these guys
  6. Inner Signals was probs my aoty. So excited for this, and so soon too
  7. the metallica is strong but god damn this album is gonna be great
  8. Already know one of the top 5 albums OTY for me
  9. Oooof this might be their best track yet
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