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  1. 3 years and still sound like they got a loaf of bread in their mouth
  2. That's 3 out of 3, I didn't think they would top Polar Similar but this is shaping up to be my favorite album from them so far
  3. Can't wait for Octane to run this into the ground like everything else
  4. I get what you mean, this band is cursed when it comes to have a proper mix
  5. Great album but man this band is cursed when it comes to having a good mixing For 128 it's really good
  6. Oh no I was serious lol, guess I just don't understand the "aesthetic" of it
  7. Good to hear Phil doing those This Is Exhile highs again. I wasn't thrilled with Our Endless War or MOTB at all but this album almost feels like a return to form. The breakdowns in Forgiveness is Weakness and We Are One slap
  8. Never heard of this Taylor Swift song before, what album of hers is this on?
  9. Another band that got better once they left Sumerian Records. This song is a banger
  10. "Genre- Metal" lol no Man, that Grimes feature was a real let down.
  11. Styling, kinda like how it's cool to disable auto capitalization and have everything lower case
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