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  1. It’s a shame that they disbanded The Afterimage for this, it’s decent but a bit of a novelty band. Still, will give it a few listens, shocked it leaked this early. Also you guys should check out the discussion on this band in the Berserk subreddit, hooooooly shit those people are angry at these guys 😂
  2. Fuck this is good, I'm glad I didn't let Behold the Crown kill my hype
  3. See I can definitely read 'Fault' in that example but with Alien I can make out the A and maybe the L before it all goes to shit and looks like random shapes haha
  4. Could someone explain how the font on the artwork is supposed to be read? I have no clue how that is supposed to say Alien 🤷‍♂️
  5. As a longtime fan of MCR I really love these tracks, a lot more so than his previous solo work.
  6. Yeah this makes no sense to me, unless they've merged tracks together into 10min+ songs. Will be really upset if they're all normal length.
  7. Feel like I’m missing something but I’m really not seeing how this is an AOTY contender for people. Maybe it’ll grow on me but absolutely nothing stood out on my first listen, Doomsday is probably still the best track. Should’ve seen this coming really after Royal Beggars and Modern Misery fell a bit flat for me. This is coming from a huge fan of LF//LT and All Our Gods. Just feel like this is a bit sub-par in comparison (understandable given the circumstances).
  8. As much as I want to hate this for the autotune effect I usually hate and it being a genre I usually can’t stand... I really really like this song. The 1975 do weird things to my music taste.
  9. This sunset it up for me, absolutely insane album, was really not expecting something so HEAVY. The only thing that it’s lacking in my eyes is a song more on the lines of Skyline and Orchid, just absolutely laced with pretty melodies. Also think the solos on this record are a step down from anything before, Drift had some insane ones like Sleeper, Continuum and The Hypnotist. Can’t have everything though, they still fucking killed it.
  10. This is filthy. New vocalist is insane, I'm all for WTR with more lows. Still think the cleans are unnecessary but that's just because I find his voice boring. I like how Born of Osiris ditched their artwork aesthetic for their new song and now WTR have just adopted it haha
  11. The artwork is posted above, it’s still pretty boring 😂
  12. Honestly thought their last album Soul Sphere was fantastic and one of their best, and this song is fucking great too so I’m really stoked for the album.
  13. But Taylor Larson did the mixing on this ERRA album so that doesn’t really stand. I always thought he was good too but idk doesn’t seem like he’s done the best of jobs on Neon.
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