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  1. This band is so boring now. Absolute waste of two extremely talented guitarists.
  2. Finished listening - there's some beautiful tracks on this. I have no idea what reaction this is gonna get from the fanbase but I think it's really cool and I personally like a lot of it more than amo.
  3. This is actually fantastic so far, Candy Truck is so good. This is what amo left me wanting more of, so cool that they've done this.
  4. Hey man, just wanna say I've been following you guys since Odyssey for the Living and was really disappointed to see that you guys have split up. That being said, this entire album is fucking fantastic, I've been listening to it all week - one of my favourites this year. So great being able to hear Kicking Clouds again. You guys should be proud . What was the reasoning behind cutting the album down to 6 songs and what caused such a huge delay - record label issues maybe? The non-Arashi EP songs are equally as good as the others so it would definitely have been a shame if they were never released, so thanks for doing it! Also loving the new/old Zephyr song The Echo!
  5. Definitely Markus Vik from Aviana. This is sick, still the Invent Animate I love. Will be good to read the lyrics and see if they're as good as Ben's.
  6. What the fuck how is this so good. Its just a cover but this song had so much of what ERRA have been lacking on the last two albums. The mix is incredible and JTs vocals are the best they've ever been. Never did I think I'd be so impressed by a cover, I usually give them a listen then never come back but fuck this is sick. This and Eye of God are hopefully hints at what the next album will sound like.
  7. This song has so much groovy guitar and bass going on what
  8. After a few more listens I fucking love this song tbh
  9. I actually like this despite the lyrics, can see where the hate comes from though.
  10. I think Taylor Larson did this album (not 100% but he's posted on Instagram about it), he butchered the mix on ERRA - Neon too. I don't actually have an issue with this mix but I agree that it's fairly flat.
  11. Those synths are 10/10 I need more synthwave metalcore
  12. Both these songs have, imo, been better than a lot of songs on Headspace, but nothing has touched the quality of the self-titled album for me. It's not even because of the lack of Michael - I always though his role was a bit pointless and his vocals never really heightened the songs. Songs on the self-titled were so infectiously catchy and the electronic elements were great, these new songs are missing that.
  13. That was fucking remarkable. Jesse was right about it having elements from all of the band's previous releases. Sick mix, an Augment-esque breakdown, JT FINALLY used his highs and lows, a solo which sounded like a prettier version of some of Neon's leads, and the electronic elements (especially at the end) were really nice. Hope this is an indication of the next album's sound.
  14. It’s a shame that they disbanded The Afterimage for this, it’s decent but a bit of a novelty band. Still, will give it a few listens, shocked it leaked this early. Also you guys should check out the discussion on this band in the Berserk subreddit, hooooooly shit those people are angry at these guys 😂
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