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  1. This is a very experimental album but I like all the new things they've tried. Could do with a few more songs with big choruses like America 2 or Los Angeles, but this is a great album soaked in atmosphere.
  2. Man I hope this leaking so early doesn't fuck their sales up - gonna make sure to get a preorder in
  3. Really strange album but on first listen I like it a lot more than the previous one. Its definitely going to take a lot of listens before I can fully appreciate everything. They definitely delivered their promise of this album being a UK nighttime/Burial inspired album, and I'm really happy about that. I don't think anything will ever top ILIWYS for me, but I'm really happy with this album and the fact that they've heavily expanded upon the electronic elements from ABIIOR (imo the best parts of that album). By far my favourite non-metal band at the moment.
  4. This album is sick. Love the features, especially Way of Sorrows, and that intro riff on Second Death is insane.
  5. All the full Shikari-esque songs on this album are fantastic. I just wish there were a few more full on songs and less of the instrumental/interludey type stuff. I also feel like the closing track could've been a bit better. Would have loved a few more songs like T.I.N.A or Dreamer's Hotel.
  6. 0/3 for me on these new singles. I think this has just confirmed that I'm not that into ADTR anymore - I found Bad Vibrations very hit and miss and these singles have just bored me. Oh well, still got Homesick and WSMFY.
  7. Fireside is fucking sick and I hope they do more songs like that in the future
  8. This band is so boring now. Absolute waste of two extremely talented guitarists.
  9. Finished listening - there's some beautiful tracks on this. I have no idea what reaction this is gonna get from the fanbase but I think it's really cool and I personally like a lot of it more than amo.
  10. This is actually fantastic so far, Candy Truck is so good. This is what amo left me wanting more of, so cool that they've done this.
  11. Hey man, just wanna say I've been following you guys since Odyssey for the Living and was really disappointed to see that you guys have split up. That being said, this entire album is fucking fantastic, I've been listening to it all week - one of my favourites this year. So great being able to hear Kicking Clouds again. You guys should be proud . What was the reasoning behind cutting the album down to 6 songs and what caused such a huge delay - record label issues maybe? The non-Arashi EP songs are equally as good as the others so it would definitely have been a shame if they were never released, so thanks for doing it! Also loving the new/old Zephyr song The Echo!
  12. Definitely Markus Vik from Aviana. This is sick, still the Invent Animate I love. Will be good to read the lyrics and see if they're as good as Ben's.
  13. What the fuck how is this so good. Its just a cover but this song had so much of what ERRA have been lacking on the last two albums. The mix is incredible and JTs vocals are the best they've ever been. Never did I think I'd be so impressed by a cover, I usually give them a listen then never come back but fuck this is sick. This and Eye of God are hopefully hints at what the next album will sound like.
  14. This song has so much groovy guitar and bass going on what
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