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Everything posted by sgtxa7x

  1. I honestly don't think the stores even sold out. I went to the same Walmart 2 days in a row and it wasn't ever put on the shelf and the staff wouldn't go check the back 🙄 I gave up and just bought the regular version at FYE
  2. Okay, I can't give this a review yet. It's definitely a really good album. Anyone who expected a Three Days Grace esque album will definitely not get that. But that doesn't change anything. His days in TDG are long over. But it's almost like a breath of fresh air for Adam. He wanted to make this record and it tells (kind of like how he was done with everything in the Transit of Venus era and it showed). It's without a doubt his best work lyrically since One-X. It's definitely a couple listens album. But I'm loving what I'm hearing. Good to see Adams back and his vocals are absolutely on point!😁
  3. I saw them at the Neverender Tour last year. Holy shit was that a great show!
  4. Oh thank goodness haha victory is a horrible label
  5. I thought they were signed with spinefarm now? I really hope they didn't go back to victory
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