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  1. Well that makes sense. I feel stupid now. haha.
  2. Very true. The one I don't get is "Looking for a bull f***". They obviously don't have the actual lyrics on there, but I can't figure out what he ACTUALLY says. haha.
  3. @realowl you're not the only one. I like it too. Yeah, it's a little different from their previous stuff, but if this is the direction they choose to go, I'll support them. I really do like the change in mood of the songs post challenger. It feels like they are trying more of an uplifting vibe. That being said, what the hell is up with all the post-hardcore bands and their rap features this year? Started with AA (yeah, I know it's 2017 on that one) and then you had TWA with theirs. I know there are others, but it almost feels like it's a label thing that is being forced on the bands.
  4. AgeBrown

    Discover: Core

    Post hardcore band. This is a new single from their upcoming album. They have an EP out already, but these guys are pretty solid.
  5. I like what I've heard. Yes, it's a change from what they've done before, but I feel like every band evolves over time. I'm very excited to have the full album, even if it's different from the Memphis I am used to.
  6. I agree. The 320 will be nice! They did the world premiere of the song today, but the official drop in iTunes and elsewhere is Friday.
  7. Low key hoping for a 320 release of this song. Loving it either way though!
  8. From what I’ve seen and read, it’s peobably the Crow. But I’m not 100% sure.
  9. @Hellion6 no worries man! I’ll be here if you need help with it in the future. I guess I didn’t really look hard enough, or I would’ve found it. Haha.
  10. Finally! I haven’t been able to find this anywhere! You rock, KL!
  11. I like it. It’s got me hyped for their new album.
  12. Him leaking it would be like Ryan Reynolds leaking the Deadpool fake trailer. It wouldn’t surprise me, and it’s building a crap ton of hype.
  13. It may not be the most popular opinion on here, but I thought they were really good. I like them a lot.
  14. Telle Smith of The Word Alive was teasing on his IG that another new song would be releasing SOON (his words).
  15. Dudes! Thanks for making this site run the way it does. Keeping these downloads alive is pretty awesome, and can't be easy.
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