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  1. freddie gibbs is a gary, IN rapper and madlib is one of the goats for producing. they're great together
  2. this album goes hard as hell, they got the sound down so good
  3. pt 2: this album absolutely goes NUTS, 10/10 this summer is gonna be amazing for music, & it started with LP2
  4. a few seconds in of “upgrades” & i’m happy as FUCK BLESS THIS MESS
  5. lightning goes fucking hard!!! i need their new album asap!!!
  6. IMO, this is probably my fav album since "anything in return". his way of mixing sounds with each album is really impressive. he can do indie/house/electronic/alternative really really well. this album feels more electronic/indie pop which is a breath of fresh air since his other project, les sins which is like electronic/house-like. i say check this one out & can be a smooth banger for spring/summer time when you're out doing your thing.
  7. counterparts still rips, but 110% back up a whole END album. now that, will be insane!
  8. i am digging this album hard on the first listen, thank you!!!!
  9. these guys fucking shred. thank you for the new band added to my playlist!!!!
  10. im listening to this in my design class as we speak and rope's breakdown HAS ME SHOOK
  11. someone please rip this from the vinyl and post it ((((( its beautiful
  12. this song is called "revelation". its included as a b-side in a free 7" along with postcard if you buy their CD or vinyl at selected record stores! check out their website for the stores and hopefully one of us can burn the b-side to post on here!
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