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  1. So excited for this, their last album was absolutely brilliant..
  2. Not bad, better than medicine, worse than mantra, catchy af just like medicine, mainstream album on the way.
  3. This is actually so great, that I'm willing to say best single of the year!
  4. Thank you, I was ready to wait until tomorrow, such a good surprise!
  5. I honestly liked some of the songs that AA put, lyrically it was based on defining their new style and the music was just smooth and new. Though I definitely agree on the topic of not being even related to their old albums, such as R&R, when I decided to listen to them as a new band, I had better experience.
  6. This album is exactly what I expected it to be, Tom fits so well with these instrumentals, wouldn't want to hear Alex with them. 9/10, total banger. P.S: Try to listen to this album and new Chelsea Grin as a band that you've never heard before, the same thing happened when AA released their new album, both albums are amazing but people criticise because of the change they had on their new music style. Focus on the music, not the change..
  7. I've always liked the style of Lorna Shore, everything they did was marvelous, seeing Tom leaving LS makes me worried about ever hearing Lorna Shore style of music again, I hope album will have influences from LS' style, if it does, this album will be the best CG album imo. Also the song is amazing, let's see where they'll go with this. Oh, I can't help but notice that finally a CG song doesn't have the word fuck..
  8. I actually liked this, listening as if I am discovering some band, pretty cool song.
  9. This is truly awesome, thank you
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