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  1. Fick yeah, been waiting for some new Blackbear
  2. Awesome album, pool spray is nasty af
  3. Guarantee this is trash central
  4. Good shit as always, New is amazing.
  5. Absolutely, no question.
  6. Who is on the album cover?
  7. God ass pop punk
  8. HOLY FUCK I have been waiting for these guys to come out with new shit for YEARS. Stoked beyond belief.
  9. Good stuff.
  10. Art is right fuckin sick
  11. Without a doubt the most retarded ting I've read in a while homeboi
  12. Links seem to be down
  13. This band's political beliefs do not align with those of my own therefore they bad
  14. Cancer bawss
  15. Yeah I feel exactly the same.