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  1. The title track is one of the best songs they've ever put out. Overall it's their most solid album yet, the instrumentals are definitely the best they've ever done. I like it, it feels like the best pieces of their last few albums.
  2. Is this worth a listen? The last few albums he's put out alone and with his band have been not so great. I love their albums up to wretched and divine so I'm hoping they get good again.
  3. So this is my favorite band ever, if you can also leak their new album (out today), I would most appreciate it!
  4. "YOU'RE TOO OLD TO BE MY DAUGHTER!" lol I like the song but that part gets me chuckling for some reason
  5. These are really solid, gotta ask if you haven't heard too much of this band where is the best place to start?
  6. Pretty good, Numb was better, hoping the album has a little bit more of that heaviness to it, really excited either way though she's great!
  7. She has a few certifiable bangers on this album, in particular these two stand out for me -Coming in Hot -Kind of Love
  8. Threads is a tough album to follow, excited to listen to this!
  9. I think those who were hoping for more of their last album will probably end up liking this album more later, this album is really great but just doesn't have the same immediate appeal. Thanks KL!
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