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  2. Jonny X Kyle Lucas X Captain Midnite - The Blueprints for Going In Circles LP [2015] Jonny Craig - A Dream Is A Question You Don't Know How to Answer [2009] Jonny Craig - Find What You Love And Let It Kill You [2013] Jonny Craig - The Le Cube Sessions [2015] In MP3 320kbps its ok Thank you so much! Love yall
  3. August Alsina - "Testimony" LP [Deluxe Edition] (2014) August Alsina - "Downtown: Life Under the Gun" LP (2013) August Alsina - "This Thing Called Life" LP (2015) Cassius Jay & August Alsina - "Why Not" EP (2017) August Alsina - No Love (Remix ft. Nicki Minaj) [Single] (2014) August Alsina - Drugs [Single] (2017) August Alsina - Don't Matter [Single] (2017) August Alsina - Lonely [Single] (2017) August Alsina - Wait [Single] (2017)
  4. WOW, i didn't expect this. This band is AMAZING!
  5. LAUV - I met you when I was 18. LP [2018] FB: He's such a great artist, definitely a MUST LISTEN. THANKS
  6. Carnage - Battered, Bruised & Bloody LP (2018) mp3 320kbps Thanks, luv u♡
  7. OHNO - Birthday Present (2017) OHNO - How it Feel [single] (2017) OHNO - Rich [single] (2017) 320 KBPS or M4A ✓ PLEASE, AND THANK YOU
  8. "Numb" and "Black Jeep" are amazing Michael Barr's style is so damn good
  9. Lauv - Lost In The Light EP (2015) Lauv's Singles: -Questions (ft. Travis Mills) (2016) -Breathe (2016) -The Other (2016) -I Like Me Better (2017) -Easy Love (2017) -Paris in the Rain (2017) -Gettin Over You (2018) Thanks I Love you!
  10. Bazzi - Alone [Single] (2016) Bazzi - Mine [Single] (2017) Bazzi - Sober [Single] (2017) Bazzi - Beautiful [Single] (2017) Bazzi - Why [Single] (2018) In Mp3 320kbps / m4a. Please! Love you all
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