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  1. Ah yes, just cause he took himself off the member list on FB, mean's it's 100% true! I swear, some people....
  2. @Maximo Aaron is still in the band, and is a pedo. This band shouldn't be supported by any means tbh.
  3. Any chance of a full album upload?
  4. Hard to exactly pin point, but Deftones, The Contortionist, Glassjaw, Between The Buried and Me, and Dance Gavin Dance are a few influences.
  5. Thanks for posting! Glad ya'll dig. I played drums on this. Going back to the same studio for a full length early 2020
  6. Amazing album for the genre. Thanks for the upload
  7. Thrailkill - Everything That Is You. Great instrumental prog album. Shame it's not uploaded, or mentioned on this site.
  8. They just sped the songs up haha
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