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  1. Album is ok, I think the last album was better but very front heavy. Can you name one song on Order In Decline that is better than Goddamn I'm Dead Again or Fake My Own Death? I love Sum 41 but I feel they can make a lot better album than this. I also have the feeling Derrick wrote every song and just had the other two guys write solos. The only songs I consider good are Never There and Catching Fire. I truly believe Out for blood would not have made the chuck album its more like a B or C side. Thanks for the early upload I was excited to check it out. My favorite Sum 41 albums are 1.Chuck 2.Does this look Infected 3.All killer no filler 4.Screaming bloody murder 5.Underclass hero 6.Half hour of power 7.13 Voices 8.Order in decline
  2. Thanks , Rise Against would have a good album if they took the decent songs off their last 4 albums and put them together. Seriously anything after appeal to reason has been straight butt cheeks! Tim's new whispering vocals are dreadful I want to tell him to man up and grow a pair. I like when the songs didn't push a libtard agenda on you at every turn. Rise Against is part of the system we all should be rising against.
  3. 1.59 sound 2.Senor and the Queen 3.Painkillers 4.Sink or Swim 5.Get Hurt 6.American Slang 7.Elsie 8.Sleepwalkers 9.Handwritten
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