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  1. Not bad at all. Just those chanted group vocals during the chorus is annoying and cringy as all hell. Almost ruins the whole song with those OH OH OH WHOA OHS. Lol just as unbearable as The Plot In You - Feel Nothing chorus. Good song. Catchy as hell verses. Could easily do without the typical overdone corny little chorus though. My main issue with rock bands. I guess they're trying to make the song sound "bigger" in a sense with the chanting but miserably failing in my opinion. All in all glad Danny is back. Hope the album is more original as a whole lyrically if there really is an album coming soon. Love the sound change.
  2. This album art is still creepy haha
  3. Does this have those symphonic elements in it like Kingfisher did?
  4. Fuck yes! Thanks c:
  5. Holy hell just realizing with that sideview..this girls got a good size nose on her just like Beau. Perfect couple.
  6. Lol I guess MANY artists with that vintage look on their album cover have ripped off The Weeknd.
  7. One of the 5 rap/hip hop albums I'm actually liking. Reminds of Sadistik, Eminem and MGK combined. Good stuff. Now if only BONES would drop Failure.
  8. What a no fucks given band name. Gotta check this out.
  9. Sexy artwork. Kick ass album.
  10. Well this is nice to see so early.
  11. If their goal was to spread cancer through sound then I give this 5 stars. That being said quite an achievement. Good for them. This album blows just like the rest dont even have to listen to it to know. Now if only Circa Survive got this kind of hype.
  12. Been waiting to jam this. Thank you!
  13. Pretty corny listen lyrically in my opinion but the music is good. Love the hints of nu metal.
  14. Still don't understand the hype behind this band. His accent makes me laugh. Cant get through a single song. But hey at least someone enjoys it.