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  1. YES. Kl does it again. So much goodness in one day. THANKS.
  2. Saving the best for last
  3. yes finally! Thanks!
  4. Hell yeah. This is some quality deathcore.
  5. Thank you cant wait to check this out after those eps!
  6. I mean on the tracklist here my man. Was retagging what I downloaded yesterday and noticed.
  7. Didnt know about this. SO glad to see these guys finally releasing a full length. Loved their ep. Excited to check this out! Killer vocalist from what I remember. (Unless there has been member changes... not sure but yet to find out) THANKS!
  8. Anyone happen to know of a high quality rip of this elsewhere?
  9. Judging from the comments this just became a must listen on my list.
  10. Just what I need in my life. Some new nu
  11. This made me laugh ^ Awesome album haha
  12. Makes perfect sense to me. I like an illustration to go along with my music. I only listen to music that tells a story I can relate to. I dont listen to it to hear their stories. Frankly, I dont care. I tell my own story with the music I listen to. I let it inspire me and I paint my own picture. It becomes a narrative for me, myself and I. And Silverstein happen to be good at writing those subtle lyrics that hit home. So maybe your opinion doesn't make sense to me. But hey that's why we call them opinions...
  13. Lol Sunrise Trailer Park is the story of my sisters life. This album is good but also underwhelming. Cliche lyrics as always. Catchy as always as well. Love but hate it.