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  1. To think I almost slept on these singles. Oh yeah, this stuff is angry. Lovin it.
  2. Nice surprise. Couldn't pick better after work chill out jams.
  3. Lol always right another grand BRDSX comeback to justify your nonsense.
  4. Why does it bother you that me and @Frak The Gods are enthusiastic guys about music?
  5. Damn dude. Always judging people. Humble yourself if possible. Dont even see how your comment is relevant?
  6. Oh no it has nothing to do with name change. Could care less. If that was the case Id never listen to a lot of bands haha. wow. no it's bc they're unproffessional as all hell. Had a full length album up ready for pre order, a set release date and then just go silent a few days before release and change their name, never mention changing the lp to an ep, just did it. Seems like a publicity stunt to me. Really glad I didnt pre order.
  7. Their ep was a sleeper. Excited they are still moving forward.
  8. Best way to lose a fan. Change your band name to something cringe worthy and then put out an ep after taking a month and a half to release said "lp". Have a feeling this band will be breaking up soon due to the recent events.