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  1. Cane Hill - 10 ¢ (Single) (2017)

    @BRDSX I just dont get the harshness on these guys from you, honestly seems like something you'd jam too but hey we do like a lot of the same bands so I can't say much haha.
  2. Cane Hill - 10 ¢ (Single) (2017)

    @BRDSX Sorry I love this band and you don't. I would love to hear how your nu metal album comes out. C:
  3. Cane Hill - 10 ¢ (Single) (2017)

    Love this band more and more. Can't wait for this album.
  4. The Obsessives- The Obsessives (2017)

    Great album. Glad I found these guys.
  5. Landon Tewers - Ai640 Pt. 2 (2017)

    Just what I was hoping for. The last ep is one of my favorite metalcore releases to date. I'm sure this will follow. Thanks.
  6. Great band. Awesome single. Not sure how I missed this. I love it.
  7. Machine Gun Kelly - The Break Up [Single] (2017)

    Not bad but not great.
  8. King 810 - Queen - EP (2017)

    Sounds like Landon's solo stuff but nowhere near as good. A little different. Not the best but still pretty good. I really like Go Be Young and I Won't Always Love You.
  9. Escape the Fate - I Am Human (Single) (2017)

    I meant the annoying awkward teeny bop lyrics mostly but true haha
  10. Huge addition to this wonderful music sharing site. Big thanks.
  11. Escape the Fate - I Am Human (Single) (2017)

    They need to stop letting Craig write the lyrics. They keep getting progressively more corny. Love this band but.. Terrible song. Sounds like Ghost Town wrote it.
  12. Love the screams yet hate the cleans. This band always does this to me. I'm torn between loving it and hating it.
  13. King 810 - Queen - EP (2017)

    LOVE this band and their diversity. Never know what to expect. David is a great vocalist. Can't wait to listen to this. THANKS.
  14. Don't get me wrong, I like their heavier stuff, but this is catchy as fuck. I like every song except Into the Fire. Badass album. I actually liked them with Denis but I'm really glad that Danny is back on vocals after hearing this.