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  1. You guys giving me VIP rank was so shocking and heartwarming for me. It really made me feel even more so welcomed in this wonderful community and I'm eternally grateful. But I would have to say the few days leading up to Slipknot's last album. Seeing others as excited as I was for it and then when it did leak seeing everyone's true excitement was great. Many good memories here since I stumbled across this site back in 2014 looking for Jamie's Elsewhere - Rebel/Revive. So much love for this music loving community.
  2. Cannot wait for this album next year. Thank you!
  3. Ex alpha wolf vocalist actually. I'd definitely check that first!
  4. Join the discord if you haven't already! Lots of familiar names and they have a release date calendar and all kinds of little things set up to make the site members feel more at home there. Definitely helps knowing you can still come together for the love of music over on the discord.
  5. Hi can I request this album in 320 kbps? Joyer - Sun Into Flies (2020) Thank you
  6. The more I think about it I wouldn't even mind another site like kingdom leaks 2021 without the leaks, direct downloads, etc. I'd visit a site just to share thoughts on music, new artists, music news, music blog, music reviews, etc... Of course members could PM each other leaks/links. But when it comes down to it I guess it's not the leaks and downloads I will miss. It's the community here. So cool seeing other people as passionate about music as you are. Joined the Discord yesterday. I hope that stays active. I'll definitely be sticking around. Will KL's fb page/IG be going down as well?
  7. take metal . org core (radio) . ru alter portal . net vk . com / mdcore vk . com / mdrock myzuka . club hitvk . mobi SophiesFloorBoards Of course take the spaces and what not out
  8. I agree with this. I dont even care if it looks like a shitty blog site tbh. Just having the community and music in one place is ideal. Kingdom Sneak Peeks?
  9. This makes Bummercore an instant classic now. No one will ever understand the lyrics after KL goes down except those who were for it, lol. Gonna miss this site so much. Hope someone manages to build something as beautiful as this in the future.
  10. Well this sucks. If anyone plans on keeping this going in their own way let me know, would love to help. This is very unfortunate as it's really the only site I use these days, and I love the community here. But I guess altport, Take Meta/CoRe rad10/mdcore, etc will have to do. Sad days ahead. See you guys around in other music forums, perhaps. Thanks for everything.
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