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  1. Casey - Where I Go When I Am Sleeping (2018)

    I love this site. Yet another thing to look forward to today. These dudes are amazing.
  2. Strychnia - Into the Catacombs (2018)

    YES. Finally! So exicted to jam this fucker. Thanks guys. LOVE the album art.
  3. Sevendust - Dirty (Single) (2018)

    Solid music as usual from Sevendust. Cant wait for this one.
  4. So many bands with the same names these days in this scene, wasn't sure, but I could easily tell once I played the song. Good shit.
  5. Agreed. One of my all time favorite albums Ive heard in a while. This is pretty amazing too.
  6. Rogue Half - Refraction (2018)

    Love/hate situation here haha. Love the screams. The cleans are a hit and miss for me. The first track had me fooled into thinking it was gonna be on the heavier side.
  7. Teenage Wrist and Heart Attack Man came outta nowhere and stole the spot for favorite emo bands for me. Amazing album. Epitaph did good signing these guys.
  8. Three Days Grace - Outsider (2018)

    Matt is a beast. This is gonna be on repeat for a while.
  9. Rogue Half - Refraction (2018)

    This is fucking fantastic. This is metalcore I can jam. So angry and honest and that's really all I ask for in this type of music. Their vocalist is insanely good. Aussie band, of course. Track 1, 5, 8 are absolutely wonderful. The rest I wouldn't consider metalcore and is pretty boring sadly. Wish these metalcore bands would leave out those mediocre cleans. Zzzzzz. Got excited till the second track started. Dang. Another hit and miss. Me and this genre dont mix anymore.
  10. If this is the same Gatherers that released Quiet World then this should be damn good.
  11. Fuckin hell. So dirty. Love it.
  12. Cannot wait for this masterpiece.