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  1. Always liked the uncleans in Silence the Messenger. The cleans however always had me caught in the middle. Sad to hear the old vocalist left. Loved the direction they were going with Halfway Human. Curious how this will sound.
  2. Liking the sound of this. Thanks again.
  3. Love this band. Any fans of prog bands like TeseracT, etc should check this out. Thank you for posting!
  4. Lol everyone still comparing Slaves and Emarosa. Can definitely do without the sax. He sounds like Tilian almost at the end. Not feeling this one.
  5. The artwork is great. He should make it his twitter photo.
  6. Pure in the Plastic was so good. I'm guessing this is gonna be an ep considering the six symbols on the artwork or I could be wrong. But I'm excited to hear more. Such chill music.
  7. dvsr

    Discover: Rock

    Pulled Apart By Horses is GREAT but fairly unknown.
  8. Never been huge on this band but I'm liking Circles. Gonna give this a spin. Thanks.
  9. One of my favorite LMTF songs is In Dreams so I'm loving this. Wish Chris would start a side project like Offroad Minivan or something.
  10. Eh. This band has never clicked with me.
  11. It's like they don't know if they want to be nu metal or pop rock.
  12. Loved For We Are Many. The rest has just been eh for me. Curious to hear this.
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