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  1. I love this band. Happy Sumerian signed em. Can't wait to jam this. Thanks.
  2. All the features on this aside from Shomo are so unexpected for me. Different for Silverstein.
  3. They gotta give us an LP sooner or later. Fingers crossed.
  4. Pop punk taking the cake for best releases this week. If this is anywhere as good as St. Leonard's then this will be one unexpected treat. Thanks.
  5. This the same band Teeth that released Prey For War?
  6. Love Landon's vocals so much. Part one was the best, and certainly the most angry of the 3 but really they're all GREAT little EPs.
  7. These guys don't get enough love.
  8. Pretty good. Love the vocalist but at the same time has those vox that almost sound he has a mouth full of cotton balls while screaming. Hard to understand him a lot of the time.
  9. Hate to agree. Their last two albums killed it but this just feels so uninspired. Guess he should just stick to wrestling at this point.
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