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  1. Fuck yeah excited to check this out. Lovedddd Wishful Thinking. The last album not so much. Way too predictable lyrically. Hope this has some different tastes in the mix. LOVE Sum 41 and Simple Plan so this should be good.
  2. Sounds good c:
  3. So fucking good. Thank you! c:
  4. Can't get over how great this is holy hell he's got some serious chops. Killer album all the way through.
  5. Lovely c:
  6. Lol some white trash to trash up the shower why not cx
  7. Well after finding this out me and my girlfriend arent going to see this movie anymore. Rather just stream it for free since this movie just became the equivalent of high school musical. So lame.
  8. Lol dude wtf... It's a song. Haha it's not like it's his memoir... if you take every song this serious don't listen to this. cx
  9. I already know this is gonna be amazing. Love those vocals.
  10. This is wonderful. c:
  11. Fuck yeah! Nice way to wake up
  12. Great album.
  13. The cleans still suck in my opinion but at least they're catchy this time. I think this is one of those bands that would be a lot better without clean vocals. I love the heavy parts but it's the same problem I have with Miss May I. I hate those high pitched cleans with those lows. But Im sure others love it. Just not for me. Besides that I love their sound. Stitch is GREAT.
  14. Not bad.
  15. Actually really hyped for this. October always has the tastiest releases.