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  1. I hate to agree. It's very angsty for n,n. It's still catchy as ever but it's somehow missing that substance that made reaper and ruiner so special for me.
  2. Just what I've been hoping for. Can't wait to listen. Thanks.
  3. Mad at myself for knowingly sleeping on this. Loving it.
  4. I started trying to focus on the lyrics and couldnt figure out why I couldnt make any sense of it then realized it's a japanese band called envy that I somehow got confused with the band reveries. Lol oops.
  5. Love Eidola but only a few of their songs hit home like To Know What's Real does for me.
  6. Usually works good. Downloads fast if possible. The only reason I've stopped using it was because once in a while it randomly stops mid download? I also noticed sites like zippyshare let you resume a download if internet connection is lost half way through while PTL makes me start the download over if I lose connection and then reconnect. Why is that?
  7. Oh yeah that's why Winds of Plague has the same effect on me lol, but fuck the overall lyrical content here also gets me hyped. Brutal in all aspects. Gotta love it.
  8. Well honestly I have never actually seen GoT. it's just the feel the album gives me. Makes me want to march into battle with a sword in hand is what I really mean. All around epic album.
  9. Feels like a metal album based off Game of Thrones.
  10. These guys are so good. One of my favorite hardcore bands currently. March is gonna be stacked.
  11. They're no longer instrumental? My dream's come true.
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