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  1. One of those perfect summer albums. Love this.
  2. This is such a mixed bag for me. Idk but I don't think any of this newer stuff has been on par with DXXM or Lrdszn. Just not feeling it.
  3. Sweet. Wonder what happened with Sightings tho.
  4. This is like the year that everything that was supposed to release years ago finally gets a release. Seen a lot of that this year it feels and I like it.
  5. Holy fuck between these one takes and the countless minute long unreleased tracks and the song 'death' being a huge letdown for me... Im getting so frustrated oh my lord lol gimme something new and finalized already like dude keeps me getting my hyped then falls flat. EDIT: tho im stoked he finally released giles corey in full im just impatient. I can never get enough of this boys music no doubt
  6. Yeah no this isn't them just too many bands with the same name.
  7. Is this the same Wither that released Rot and I?
  8. But Don't you not like music that doesn't have any clean vocals (deathcore, etc.)? Or am I mistaken and was that another member who said that?
  9. Sounds like any other solid metalcore band so those first two comments had me thinking the worst but this is great. Nice find Summers. Love how clear, crisp and angry the vocals are on this. Gumscraper and the closer are craaaazy. Lovin it.
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