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  1. Guess I'll be sleeping the whole day away lol.
  2. This song will help do just that lol
  3. Corey sounds so good live. So much respect for this band.
  4. Love all these genres so I gotta check it out. Thanks for all the newly discovered jams today.
  5. This sounds fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
  6. What you keeping track of? Your ego?
  7. Oh damn one of my favorites. Thanks.
  8. No get it it right little one. I listened to Eminem when I was a teenager such as yourself. Lmao NF's biggest inspiration is Eminem. You just fucked up.
  9. Never know till you listen and fack off
  10. Album artwork reminds me of Born of Osiris and Oceans Ate Alaska. Have a feeling this is gonna be good.
  11. Or not lol.
  12. This guy was preaching religion like crazy in his last album so I dont know what they are talking about.. Like his sound but damn. It's like Eminem with absolutely no edge. He's better at giving you feels than anything haha. Gonna check this out anways since everyone's saying he isnt praising his religious views this time round.
  13. This is great. Thanks.