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  1. Yes, although i had two tracks left when i wrote that and i gotta say the last two songs are fucking awesome and probably the best on the album, i still agree with my previous comment though
  2. The first two songs are great and most of the album has really cool instrumentals but a lot of it is ruined by the shitty generic ffdp radio rock choruses, still enjoyable enough though
  3. I've never heard of actual 320kbps being 70mb but thanks
  4. need that sweet 320kbps nectar
  5. This is so fucking frustrating, how does 2 out of 3 discs in a package leak? just leak the whole damn thing
  6. Need that sweet, sweet CD 3 boys
  7. Did any one get the Forest Package? any chance we could get the debut and Time I remaster posted?
  8. ikr teen core everywhere
  9. Tool - Undertow Tool - Aenima Tool - Lateralus Death - Symbolic Opeth - Still Life Opeth - Ghost Reveries Burzum - Hvis Lyset Tar Oss Porcupine Tree - Fear Of A Blank Planet Karnivool - Sound Awake Revocation - Deathless just a few i've been obsessed with for quite some time
  10. <p>Don't care for deathcore but holy shit that artwork is so fucking awesome</p>
  11. <p>all right but still better than the loads of core and pop punk trash posted on this site</p>
  12. Don't tell me a fucking 86 mb file is proper 320kbps
  13. Do you even listen to the music in these albums or do you only actually pay attention to vocal melodies? The band was FORCED by their label at the time to make it like a Creed album and the result is extremely Creed-like which is why basically every one including the band doesn't care much for it.
  14. You have to be memeing, ODR is basically a Creed album every song on it sounds the same i have no idea how that can be your favorite, even the band don't like that album
  15. My current AB best to worst 1. Fortress 2. Blackbird 3. AB III 4. The Last Hero 5. One Day Remains