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  1. ERRA never disappoints. One of my favorite singles they've ever released for sure.
  2. After my first listen, I really love Kill the Ache, Origin, and Better Days. A Flag to Wave and Monsters are still fantastic singles too. Overall a very solid album, as expected from Currents.
  3. Ehh, it's always very conflicting in regards to the non-singles, and sometimes even with the singles too. Some guy on a recent DGD subreddit thread said ArSe's singles were the best songs on the album and the rest fell flat, which I wouldn't even remotely agree with. But for me, Slouch is my favorite song from ArSe, and everyone was very quick to dismiss it as filler when it came out. And on the other end, Chucky is probably my *least* favorite song on Mothership, whereas everyone else is obsessed with it. And some songs just take time to grow on you, whether it's picking up on something you didn't hear the first hundred times, or something in your brain just making it click. I didn't really care for Here Comes the Winner when Mothership came out, but it became one of my favorite DGD songs ever like a year or so later.
  4. Damn, pretty great after a first listen. Preliminary favorite for now is Nothing Shameful. Really need the 320 and a good month or two of non-stop listening to form a full opinion, but here's what I think after one full listen and listening to the non-singles a second time... Pros: - Tilian and Jon are both at their peak here. Jon especially is incorporating more of his "pitch screaming" style from Secret Band, and it works great with DGD's style. - Songs encompass a lot of different styles from their past albums. There was stuff that sounded like it could've come from self-titled, DBM2, Acceptance Speech, Mothership, etc. - Also a lot of new styles and experimentation. Prisoner, Calentamiento Global, and Parallels are probably the most unique songs on the album. - The album flows and feels MUCH more coherent than Artificial Selection. It doesn't just sound like a bunch of singles shoved onto an album without any kind of overarching sound linking them or whatever. - To go along with the above point, the album has a fun, summer-y vibe, but also a kind of moody vibe at the same time. It's like if you went on vacation, but got rained out for half of it (Don't mean that in a bad way either). Cons: - Into the Sunset is one of their weakest closers IMO. It's an okay song, but it's not even remotely as grand as Evaporate, Man of the Year, Turn off the Lights pt. 2, and so on. Bilmuri's part also feels very forced, like it's cut to really abruptly and just sounds like an excerpt from a Bilmuri song, and then the song goes back to DGD. - Some songs are kind of filler-y, namely Three Wishes, Parody Catharsis, and Night Sway. Not that they're bad songs, but they don't really add to the album IMO. Of course, this is subjective, and people said the same thing about songs on ArSe, like Slouch (Which was my personal favorite song from it). Who knows, in a month or so, my opinions might completely shift on them. - It's not longer? Not really an actual complaint, but I was kind of hoping it'd be 15 songs after ArSe's 14, and from them saying they recorded 15 songs in an interview a few months ago.
  5. Basically Flash pt. 2, and definitely the least interesting of the singles so far. Still good though
  6. Crossing The Rubicon and "modern living...." are quite possibly the worst songs Enter Shikari have ever made. On the other hand, "the pressure's on." and "satellites* *" are VERY great, fun songs. The Dreamer's Hotel, The King, and T.I.N.A. were all fantastic singles, and still hold up pretty well now compared to the rest of the album. THE GREAT UNKNOWN wasn't really as good as the other singles to me, but it works good as an opener at least. Marionettes I and II are decent, middle-of-the-road songs, and I don't have anything else to say about them. For being the longest song on the album, Elegy For Extinction is a pretty generic instrumental that doesn't really feel like it belongs. Waltzing Off the Face of the Earth (I. Crescendo) just feels weird and lacks substance aside from a jarring instrumental. II. Piangevole is nice, but again it just doesn't have any substance IMO, and is pretty lackluster for a closer. Overall, the album is kind of disappointing and not really what I expected after the singles we got. For reference, I LOVED The Spark (Or at least most of it), so it's not about it not being heavy by any means. The bad songs are just *really* bad, and IMO, the only songs that really stand out compared to the rest of their discography are The Dreamer's Hotel and Satellites (Which are both very good at least).
  7. Really love when they blend their heavier Secret Band style into DGD songs (Not to mention Jon using more pitch screaming in other songs). This album is gonna be so fucking good
  8. Dance Gavin Dance - Mothership The Devil Wears Prada - With Roots Above and Branches Below (My favorite song ever is To the Key of Evergreen though) Periphery - Periphery III: Select Difficulty Enter Shikari - Take to the Skies OR A Flash Flood of Colour (Really hard to choose between them) Currents - The Place I Feel Safest ERRA - Neon (Maybe? It changes between that and Impulse depending on the mood I'm in) Veil of Maya - False Idol Phinehas - Thegodmachine HORSE the Band - Desperate Living (The Mechanical Hand is pretty up there too) Born of Osiris - The Discovery (Not a circlejerky answer, cause I love their albums after it as well) Honorable Mentions: Ice Nine Kills - Safe Is Just a Shadow (Re-Shadowed and Re-Recorded) Northlane - Node (Still my favorite of the 3 albums with Marcus) We Came as Romans - To Plant a Seed (Cold Like War is a VERY close 2nd though)
  9. It's not bad, but I feel like I've listened to the same album 20 times already. I'm not a huge ABR fan, and I don't listen to them that often, but to me this just sounds like a very safe record and doesn't really do anything interesting that they haven't done a million times before. Bones and Lighthouse were the only songs that stood out to me, and the rest could've been pulled from any other ABR album and I wouldn't have known the difference. For reference, I've listened to all of their past albums over the years, but Found in Far Away Places is the only one I've ever heavily gotten into. Even Phantom Anthem just really fell flat (Although I loved the first few singles) and I stopped listening to it after a week, and I'm sure the same thing is gonna happen with this album.
  10. Probably my least favorite of the 4 songs so far, but it's still good. Still holding out for something reminiscent of AFFOC/TTTS, seeing as they said this album will encompass all of Shikari's sounds, but I think it'll still be great even if it doesn't have anything heavy. But I also liked The Spark so what do I know lol
  11. Yes. It's basically just the other half of Head Hunter, as you can see with the art being split between them. Both were also recorded at the same time.
  12. fuck my ass tilian doing those harsher vocals like on mothership MMMMMM
  13. Not sure if I like this or The Dreamer's Hotel more, but pretty good either way. Definitely sounding like a very promising album so far.
  14. Honestly I enjoyed The Spark a lot (Aside from Airfield and The Revolt of the Atoms), but I'd definitely love something closer to TTTS/AFFOC. Not getting my hopes up though, cause most bands that start to get poppier never really go back. Hopefully the single today is good at least
  15. Not sure if it's an error in the actual release or what, but Hot Water on Wool has the entire Reprise playing over it from the beginning lol
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