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  1. Not sure if it's an error in the actual release or what, but Hot Water on Wool has the entire Reprise playing over it from the beginning lol
  2. Really good. Only complaint is that it's not longer. I mean, it's hard to *really* complain when it's only been a year and a half since their last album, but man, this one is just so much better that I want more.
  3. The first half of the album was great, and I loved most of the songs there. The second half was okay, but nothing really stood out to me with most of the songs there. Feel like it definitely would benefitted from being a shorter album, but it took so long to get out that I guess he just decided to throw everything in.
  4. Only had the chance to listen to it once so far, but it was pretty great. Lots of variety, much more than Transit Blues had IMO, and I personally feel like that's far more important when it comes to how good/memorable an album is, rather than just how heavy it is. Also The Thread is just fucking insane. It was great hearing Mike's lows again after so long.
  5. It sounds like a few minor parts might've been re-recorded? For example, the vocals in the beginning of Doom & Gloom and Strawberry Swisher Pt. 3 sound a bit different beyond just the mix, but maybe that's just how much the mixing was affecting it before, IDK. Also the vocal intro at the very beginning of Death of the Robot with Human Hair is just completely gone lol. Honestly, I'm really not sure I *needed* this, but it's nice I guess? Maybe I just can't pick up on the improvements as much since my ears are still overloaded from the ERRA/Northlane show last night, but I never had much of a problem with AS in the first place.
  6. Damn this is good. Kind of gives me Dead Throne vibes, and I really love that distorted "oooOOOooo" in the background.
  7. Enter Shikari's poppy stuff is just as good as their heavier stuff honestly
  8. Damn that was great. This album is really shaping up to be their best yet.
  9. Pretty good, although I feel like the chorus is kind of out of place. Love the rapping vocals though
  10. The art is the same as the vinyl release: https://www.discogs.com/Dance-Gavin-Dance-People-You-Knew-Perfect/release/3073592 Probably just for a digital release since they were originally Hot Topic exclusive. The fact that they were just added to Spotify seems to confirm that (https://www.reddit.com/r/dancegavindance/comments/c310x2/people_you_knew_perfect_were_just_added_to_spotify/)
  11. I can understand getting tired of the sound, since they *do* get a bit formulaic at times, but wanting a new singer for the sake of "changing things up" is just weird, and kind of disrespectful. I guess some diehard fans might find it charming with how many times they've changed their lineup, but it's not like it was ever done for a good reason. They already said that they'd likely just break up if Tilian ever left, and he doesn't seem to be leaving anytime soon. I'm sure it sucks for him to see people say that they don't want him anymore even though he's still an amazing singer, and infinitely more stable of a person than any of their past singers have been.
  12. Well that was a pleasant surprise. Wonder if this is just a one-off single like Summertime Gladness, or if they're actually gonna release a new album this year. You just never know with DGD lol
  13. I actually really liked this. One of the few rap features that doesn't sound stupid as hell, and Shayley using more harsh/screaming vocals is great.
  14. Not bad, although I feel like it's kind of bland by their standards honestly. Plus it's super short, and doesn't really have enough time to build into anything more. Wonder when the album announcement will come, since this single was kind of silently released.
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