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  1. Weeew still on the fence about this. Glad All Out Life isn't on the album, really didn't like it. Not a fan of Corey's mask, or the album title, or the artwork (wasn't a fan of Gray Chapter artwork either), or some of those song titles, but I'm still optimistic. I know there will be at least a few songs I'll like . . .
  2. Thanks! Been 6 years since a new Dido album, and 16 years since a really good one!
  3. I think this is a new guilty pleasure. Is there something wrong with me o_O
  4. The vocalist gets the award for the most unenthusiastic performance in a music video. Amazing.
  5. I'm going to go ahead and say that Ø (Disambiguation) isn't required, since Aaron wasn't on that album, and You're Only Chasing Safety is absolutely required listening.
  6. I haven't listened to this yet, but I'm kinda digging how divisive it's turning out to be!
  7. Oof I was super confused... I thought this was the other Zeta -
  8. Thanks for this! Fun brainless pop!
  9. I am surprised at how much I'm looking forward to the new album. Last one was so much fun.
  10. I'm getting a weird Alanis Morisette vibe from this song... newer Alanis, not the old stuff. Weird.
  11. Wow... what was that video? It's like they took notes on Outrun, Synthwave, Darksynth, threw a bunch of it in the video without really understanding why the genres use the imagery they use. Oh, and picked a song that didn't match the video style what-so-ever. C'mon Muse... you're better than this.
  12. Not bad, has some good nu-metal vibes from both these tracks. Thanks!
  13. Never heard of these guys, but the single sounds pretty decent. A better version of Dragonforce, mixed with some Savage Circus, and a dash of House of Lords - all in all, some pretty good hair metal. Thanks!
  14. Thanks FileCrypt for making life easier, and being awesome, and being super good looking!
  15. Absolutely! she's entire catalogue is just golden. If you ever catch him on Twitch while he produces, I definitely recommend watching if that sort of thing interests anyone!
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