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  1. Seems like a pretty common practice. "Rockstar" was released as the first single from BB&B in September 2017-- the album didn't actually release until April 2018. It was pretty played out by the time we actually got to hear everything else.
  2. His comment had multiple parts, but go off. My statement still stands-- there are stans for every band or artist on this site. Every comment section declares something AOTY after one listen; don't even let it sink in or mull it over. People even say that before an album comes out. Everything is either the best or the worst. Acting like Tool fans are any different than that is just funny. Maybe they're more vocal about a band they love, so what? Who cares if you think they're fake or they actually like the music? Don't see why that bothers others so much. As far as people putting it on like fashion-- that's basically what every musician dreams of; to sell you music for money. To become a brand. There's a black shirt with the Tool logo that every outsider in my high school sported. I'm guessing it's still a thing/popular, sort of like that Joy Division shirt with the squiggly lines. I guess I just see both sides of it, and at the end of the day, who gives a shit whether someone really likes the band they claim to like? It really shouldn't mess with your enjoyment of something, that's just kinda sad, especially feeling the need to hop on a thread of their new album and downplay other people's reactions as phony. I wouldn't even call myself a fan of Tool. Admittedly, I only know their more popular songs. I mostly came here to read the comments and see if the fans thought it was worth the wait/worth listening to.
  3. That could be said for just about any band/artist. Not everyone has to have the same tastes.
  4. Was weird how everyone agreed that cassette recordings were better than FLAC. Truly wild.
  5. So did the band leak this themselves? Was looking for a physical and it won't be out until May.
  6. Are you equally bothered by artists, like Denzel Curry, using all caps? Just curious.
  7. I literally thought this same thing today. If there are more that sound like her, I'd love to hear them because I love that sound.
  8. Straight dudes say that to gay girls they find attractive because they want something from them. They're the same ones who say things like "you must not have had a real guy" or "I bet you'd turn straight after being with me." I don't think this is equivalent to that type of behavior, but I get why some people might think that. She was 15-16 or so when this song was written (it's from before this album), and it's more about unrequited love or feelings. Considering she's still a teenager, I think it makes total sense that this is something within her headspace during that time. She also mentions her pride, selfishness, etc. in the song. It'd be different if she was somehow saying being gay is a bad thing.
  9. Fair enough! I thought your initial comment came from a place of condescension. Out of curiosity, who is she copying, exactly? I'm fairly new in listening to her, but definitely get Lana Del Rey and Halsey vibes. I would love for her to do something on a Kanye produced track or do a feature on his next album. Most artists take something or are inspired by someone else. In your opinion, are Linkin Park and Purity Ring entirely original? It's a pretty interesting listen, especially if you keep her other work in mind. I like the diversity she has shown, though.
  10. How is that funny? A large portion of the artists posted on this site that are hyped up sound incredibly similar, yet you're implying it's a bad thing. That's what's funny. Let people like things, it'll be alright.
  11. You're questioning a band changing or evolving over 10 years? Haha. I think you answered yourself.
  12. Imagine bitching about the white girls that you stay chasing. Couldn't be me. 😂😂😂😂 On that same note, let people like other things.
  13. Never forget Push destroyed Drake and YM on multiple tracks. *Kanye shrug*
  14. so much salt in this thread, imagine if you put half as much energy into someone you do like while we're at it, let's list all of the rock bands you like who have done the same thing on tour, do your favorite Warped Tour bands get a pass for fucking teenagers? let's hold everyone accountable, not just people we don't like!
  15. Hoping the rest is better than the singles-- didn't really like them all that much.
  16. Shoegaze, now available in 320 and FLAC. Get to downloading!
  17. True. Em doesn't need it, but it's a ton of free publicity without having to pay to advertise either album. It's genius in a business sense. We saw the same thing with Drake and Pusha T, though I get the sense they genuinely don't like one another.
  18. You're taking what he said out of context. He made it pretty obvious he was contemplating what to do next. The whole thing is silly when you consider Em just dropped an album and MGK just announced a new EP. They're just generating buzz.
  19. While I think he'll always have a spot as one of the greats, I don't think his body of work is up to snuff with the rappers that came before him. Almost half of his discography ranges from mediocre to straight up bad. I imagine most fans would say their favorite Eminem album is one from 16+ years ago. Some lines are clever, but he's fallen into a rut of using just as many cringeworthy rhymes.
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