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  1. Imagine bitching about the white girls that you stay chasing. Couldn't be me. 😂😂😂😂 On that same note, let people like other things.
  2. Hoping the rest is better than the singles-- didn't really like them all that much.
  3. Shoegaze, now available in 320 and FLAC. Get to downloading!
  4. You're taking what he said out of context. He made it pretty obvious he was contemplating what to do next. The whole thing is silly when you consider Em just dropped an album and MGK just announced a new EP. They're just generating buzz.
  5. Is "no tears left to cry" not a single? Or he released a song back then, too?
  6. Does the length of a tracklist really determine an album's ability to be classic or not? Seems to be what you're implying. Not sure I agree...
  7. Not a problem. I guess Sea of Thieves is an example of that, though it doesn't really appeal to me at all. Just wish there was more than Halo, Gears, and Forza.
  8. Yes. But no new exclusives (i.e. the same staple franchises they've been showing at E3 for 12-20 years). At least Nintendo is doing things like Splatoon alongside Mario and Zelda. Sony has Horizon Zero Dawn, or something like God of War where they completely reinvented the franchise. The last Halo and Gears games, while pretty and technically impressive, were boring to me because they never stray from the formulaic gameplay. I'd love to see them be reimagined by someone else like GoW and Zelda were.
  9. "I'm just as white as that Mona Lisa I'm just as black as my cousin Keisha I'm biracial so bye Felicia"
  10. Maybe because like all media, music is subjective.
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