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  1. Nooo, leave it at this state of personal super-comfort-home! Trash-filled car-interiors and day-to-day bags (my last refuge, after having no car, but a flat in the city with the gf, nowadays) are bliss!
  2. This is just super-good. Hard to say what it sounds like, it's like super-serious Indie-Rock with a dark Post Hardcore-edge.
  3. This sounds like Enter Shikari going a tad less creative but simultaenously a bit more aggressive on their newest release (and also hints at TTTS and Common Dreads, respectively). 2018's single "Legion" sounded straight up like an Enter Shikari song, there's a tad more diversity in this (had a Hadouken! and a Latin moment), as far as I've heard in the few minutes I've listend in. Influences are pretty clear, but it's a nice enough mash-up, most of the time, although it really goes all-out with the channeling of other bands' works.
  4. Loved There is a Hell... and Sempiternal, enjoyed the darker parts of TTS and Amo, this fuses the softer darkness with the screaming anger, super-keen on the next release.
  5. Last year's self-titled was my favorite Screamo release of 2019. Super-keen on listening.
  6. The slower, more quiet songs on this are pure gold (Tonight is the Night I die <3).
  7. This is very much early La Dispute, which absolutely isn't a bad thing. Great release!
  8. It's my favourite album by them; still think that Coming Home and Straight to Hell are stronger than this, but it's top 5 of all the album songs, easily.
  9. Haaa, this and The Used. What a Leak-Tuesday
  10. Listened through it twice, the last album to give me that feeling was Letlive's If I'm the Devil... (which is my favourite album by them) and it also reminds me a bit of the stuff by AFI I love. Especially Gravity's Rainbow gives lotta vibes; and Jason's feature. Experimental bits are great on here, the best songs are Gravity's Rainbow, Heartwork, Darkness Bleeds and To Feel something, could probably list twice the amount, though. Absolutely great release.
  11. I loved all the songs so far - they last had me hyped that much in 2007. I'm super keen on the song coming after this one, as I imagine the ending of Cathedral Bell goes right into the next.
  12. The Waltz sounds like something off of Rue, right? I loved Hellions last two albums.
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