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  1. Trivium - The Sin And The Sentence (2017)

    Me patiently wait for 320kbps
  2. Thy Art Is Murder - Dear Desolation (2017)

    I love LOG too dude, it's just a little similar, not that all.
  3. Thy Art Is Murder - Dear Desolation (2017)

    Track no. 3 Puppet Master intro = Lamb Of God - Redneck intro
  4. Thy Art Is Murder - Dear Desolation (2017)

    This leak is really made my day. Thanks for sure Kingdom Leaks. It's time to add this to my CD collection.
  5. Trivium - The Sin And The Sentence (Single) (iTunes) (2017)

    Eat shit, die young.
  6. Rings of Saturn - Ultu Ulla (2017)

    What's the meaning of lossy mastered?
  7. Make Them Suffer - Worlds Apart (2017)

  8. Rings Of Saturn - Inadequate (Single) (2017)

    Is this really official single artwork? Cause I can't find it on their official website. Btw, thanks for sharing this tune, killer as always.
  9. Slaughter to Prevail - Misery Sermon (2017)

    Thanks for the answer dude
  10. Slaughter to Prevail - Misery Sermon (2017)

    The "666" song on this album is different from the one posted earlier, anyone knows why?
  11. Enterprise Earth - Mortem Incarnatum [New Song] (2017)

    Waiting for 320 quality. It will be the best deathcore album of 2017
  12. 2017 Best January Release

    I'm so confused to choose between Aversions Crown, Betraying The Martyr and Boris The Blade. But I think the list of me is: 01. Xenocide 02. The Resilient 03. Warpath
  13. Lorna Shore - Flesh Coffin (2017)

    My Damnation 2.0
  14. Lorna Shore - Flesh Coffin (2017)

    THIS IS PURE GOLD!!! Just wait for Fit For An Autopsy, Thy Art Is Murder and Rings Of Saturn to release the album this year.
  15. Suicide Silence - Silence (Single) (2017)

    I think the people that doing the band name tattoo will regret it now.