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  1. My fucking God. That last bit.......need this album
  2. Didn't like much of their previous work, but this album is fucking next level. Better riffing, screams, breakdowns..front to back.
  3. Maybe my least favorite of the singles. But still damn good. This album will be a banger forsure.
  4. All the tracks tie together very nicely. The title track is an absolute banger. Maybe my fav on the album. A Wasted hymn is a great closer. The seventh circle is absolute madness...honestly was relieved it wasn't some electronic interlude. Track was short, sweet and to the point. Need to hear live. Otherwise, it's no AOGHAU. Still love it though. Definitely need to let it sit for a bit before listening a second time. The production is a step up on this album definitely. Drums are better mixed. Sam sounds larger than life. The overall emotion of this album is at an all time high.
  5. Thanks! Just listened all the way through. Absolutely fire. Very experimental production which I love. Has to be their most experimental album next to saturation 3. It might honestly be their best work. May need to listen a couple more times and go back to listen to the saturations. But this has to be their best imo. I do think Joba was the weakest on this album tho
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