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  1. I love the direction they're going, but i want them to push it a little bit further and experiment way more than this. I guess this is single material
  2. Amazing single. And of course, they're from Australia
  3. Bing Bong Bing, Bing Bong Boo, We're all going to the zooooooooo. Catchy AF
  4. FFO Wolves At The Gate, Wolves At The Gate, and Wolves At The Gate,
  5. Damn, they didn't waste time. From what i remember, their previous release came out not even a year ago. Last album was missing something but this song is interesting.
  6. Album's okay, semi-clean vocals are a good add. and btw, It's "Calme le jeu" and not "Calme le feu". KL, you failed at french.
  7. Band was opening for ADTR last weekend, and i guess that their new stuff is different because it sounded actually pretty good. (Even if i can't stand Alex's attitude on a stage. "OPEN UP THIS PIT TABARNAK") I guess i'll give a listen! Thanks!
  8. dont know really why, but the album art reminded me this :
  9. Even though this album got eclipsed by WATG (disgusting, i know), i still managed to give it a listen and is actually a great surprise. Vocals are great and there a some great moments, musically. Way better than anything on Retrograde, which i totally forgot tbh. I'll give it a couple more listens when it comes out in better quality.
  10. Masterpiece for my part. There is everything i wanted on this album. Vocally, instrumentally amazing. Great breakdowns. Perfectly integrated solos. 13 songs on this and not ONE interlude or filler. Every song have a clear direction and brings something totally different. This will be on repeat for a very, very, very long time.
  11. Here we fuckin goooooooo!!!!!! A-O-T-Y, thank you so much for the upload!
  12. Looking at the comments, this is worth the listen. Thanks for the upload! Album cover is badass!!!
  13. I'm actually surprised it took so much time for someone to say this. This is how you cool down a thread!
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