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  1. The only problem with this album is that it is waaayyyyyyy too short. Fantastic album, as always.
  2. Amaaaazing, never heard about them before. Thank you!
  3. So i've been listening this song on repeat for about an hour.... i need this album in my life
  4. Wow, people won't miss the old stuff after listening to this. Perfect song, really
  5. oh, and summer of covers has 5 songs on it i think
  6. As much as i love OLN as a band doing original stuff, i can't stand all these covers and their "boy band" image. How many covers have they done? like 20? it's ridiculous. Yeah, you're getting views on YouTube but it's not how you'll get more ppl at your shows.
  7. Weird, can't hear any either!
  8. I'm sorry but ES don't need to be heavy to be good. Yes TTTS days were good and A Flash Flood of Colour is probably one of my favorite album ever, but ES is one of the most talented and creative band i know and everything they do is gold. They could make a jazz, hip-hop, folk, country album, i don't give a fuck, i'm sure it would be great.
  9. Zzzz, boring. Is this a new song or a random song they released five years ago? because i dont see any differences.
  10. Nu-Metalcore??......that is scary
  11. Hahahaha!!!.... aww so innocent and ignorant
  12. "Let's make an acoustic album, because it's cool to do so". this sounds lazy and unfinished. I love FYS, but not this. Not at all
  13. YES, sex music babyyy!!!!
  14. Incredible album, i love the experimental/ambient vibe. I can't say what my favorite songs are, because this album is fantastic as a whole.
  15. Not a fan of Architects, but i dig this a lot!