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  1. WTFFFF THIS IS GREAT! God i love this band
  2. Good find! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Probably their best album, with a good mix of older and recent HSB elements, they totally nailed it, for sure. I've only listen once, but i think iI prefer disc 2, which is a bit more experimental for them. Weakness leaving my heart is still my favourite song off the album.
  4. This is pretty nice! thanks for sharing!
  5. Vocs remind me a lot of It Dies Today. Pretty cool song overall
  6. UGH, FINALLY! Hope there will be more songs like Weakness Leaving My Heart.
  7. Lmao, ok. I'm curious to know where they are going with this
  8. Beautiful EP, what a great voice this guy has. Also, this is one of the best album art i've seen in a while. At first, i was a bit disappointed, I really thought this release would be a full album, but hey, whatever.
  9. I totally get the hype, love the music and the audacity but there a lot of unnecessary sound effects that kills it a bit for me. I'll still give the album a listen from time to time though.
  10. Crazy that you actually got downvoted for this
  11. Amazing, like always. I have zero judgment when it comes to FFAK, i just love everything they do
  12. Holy shit, this might be in my top-5 DGD song!
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