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  1. The fact that they always make a music vid for each cover song in the same studio is hilarious.
  2. The people shitting on Dayseeker are hilarious, "ThEY ShOulDn't Be ThErEehw". But they are, people voted for it, me included. So what's the beef?! it's a good album, most of the community loves it, so deal with it! I think it's pretty cool that an underdog band like them made it to the top 4.
  3. Lazy songs. I really like the album but these weren't necessary and don't add anything to the album
  4. Hey, pretty solid single! I'll keep this band in mind. Thanks for sharing
  5. Love the song overall, but as SilverMk6 said, Shane doesn't sound like Shane in that chorus. I'd be curious to hear this in a live show, it's the kind of thing that whether he will scream or let the crowd sing along most of the time.
  6. Yes!!! of course, i still miss Chemical Miracle sound, but this is really great. I was a big fan of American Dream, and it just keeps getting better with this single
  7. Ok, i'm not following the band anymore but are they coming back or what? Because for some years now, i saw them releasing singles here and there, some reissues too.
  8. wtf is this, if you're gonna come back to make this kind of stuff, go back to hiatus.
  9. Any release date for a new album?? They are quickly becoming one of my favourite pop punk band for sure. They even made me enjoy Kellin's voice somehow
  10. I don't get this band. Some parts are cool, i guess.
  11. Holy shit these guys are amazing, i can't imagine everything they will be able to pull off on a double LP (19 songs!!!!!). The wait was long, but it sure will be worth it
  12. So i guess i'm a little late on this, but this album is simply amazing.
  13. But, but, February 21st is soooo far
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