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  1. Probably in the top-10 of the most overrated band ever, buuuutt i'm still curious to hear what's coming from them
  2. 1. TDWP - The Act 2. Foals - ENSWBL pt.2 3. Can't Swim - Foreign Language Annnnd that' it... October was pretty weak imo. Lots of deceptions and still couldn't get into a Norma Jean album
  3. Oh shut up when you don't know what you're talking about. OLN are one of these bands that makes an effort to play songs from almost every albums (except TGAU), and shuffle their setlist on almost every tour This is a great album, better than Let Light. Ppl needs to stop shitting on this band, seriously. This is one of the hardest working band out there.
  4. I had to come back here to mention that i am legit obsessed by this album. "Starving To Be Empty" has clearly became one of my favourite song ever and the whole album keeps growing on me at each and every listen. I never thought that another album would equal WATG as my AOTY but this is a serious contender. Coming from a band i never really cared about, its pretty amazing.
  5. Great single from an amazing band! I wonder why this has been tagged as "Rock" i consider this Post-hardcore/Alt. Rock
  6. correction, "This is basically if Amo and Sempiternal fucked and had a BRIDGE baby" Song's ok
  7. Not a fan of the band, but this is a solid single
  8. I honestly think you guys are doing a perfect job and cover pretty much every genre out there, but if i had to pick, maybe i'd like to see a bit more of indie/acoustic. It's a genre i don't know too well and i often find some gems here and there
  9. I will, but i guess they changed something because i never got into their previous stuff... or maybe my music tastes have changed ? idk
  10. WTF, i had no idea that this was coming. This is amazing, as good as American Love but in a such different way.. the guy's a genius.
  11. Amazing album!!! they just made a new fan
  12. Still on the fence with this band, i like what they try to do, but i simply think they're just average at it. Not a fan of the vocals either.
  13. YES!!! This is amazing! Can't wait for this album! Really solid single
  14. Woohhh, this band deserves way more attention than this. Please check this out. Solid EP/Mini album or whatever it is
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