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  1. This album will get the same reactions than ND the Peace and the Panic, good, but nowhere near their last album.
  2. Simply perfect, this is DOD at their best. AOTY contender for sure!
  3. Not impressed, can't say i was "hyped" for this, but i was expecting more. Illuminate and Never Looking back are the only songs that stood above the others. This band has all the tools to make killer tracks but it just doesn't happen.
  4. Niiiice! fun and catchy song. This single reminds me early TDWP. I can't wait for the album!
  5. You had me at "FFO : Veil of maya" .... and i'm not disappointed! Really good stuff
  6. How the fuck can you agree with Shikari being underrated when it's supposed to be your favorite band. If there is one underrated band on this planet, it is Enter Shikari. Calling Enter Shikari overrated on an Arctic Monkey thread, oh, such irony.
  7. This band fucking rule. I saw them live once in a festival. The frontman was too drunk to sing but it was still a kickass show.
  8. Hey, this is great! best post-hardcore i've heard in a while! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Yeah!!! Overall, this all seems very, very good. I'm so excited to hear the second half of the album! Yes, i will always prefer the old PWD, because its what got me into them, but they always find a way to make me enjoy the new stuff. Them and Enter Shikari are one of the few bands who can do any kind of music and will ALWAYS be able to make it outstanding. Because talent, that's why.
  10. 1. Sink The Ship 2. Palm Reader 3. Settle Your Scores 4. The Wonder Years 5. Cancer Bats
  11. Overall, I still think that this is better than their old stuff with the typical screams/cleans mix. I wish he could put out some screams here and there, though, because i admit that he's pretty good at it.
  12. Is the whole album sounding like that single on YouTube? I used to enjoy his old stuff, but this is sleepy boring, to say the least
  13. I don't get why you guys hate on this, tbh. Why would there be any screams ?