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  1. @Zephyr Sunrise There are cleans on this, but it's mostly the screams that reminds me Polaris
  2. This was posted literally 10 seconds ago
  3. I'm glad i finally gave this band a listen. They made a good use of synths on this, intro is great. And being a huge Polaris fan, i have a soft spot for the vocals. Guess i'll have to check out their last album.
  4. Oh yeaaah, the last single i've heard was pretty good! Thanks for this!
  5. I really like this idea! just sayin'. This is the main reason why i use this site. It is to know what's up, and have users feedbacks
  6. It's hard to express how much I will miss this site. For idk how long, 7 or 8 years, this site has always been present in the most difficult moments of my life, whether it is through new music that I have been anticipating for so long or through new discoveries that have caught me off guard. I know it's cheesy to say, but this site has changed my life and helped me become the person i am today. Thank you for everything you've done, and the moments you have created, for so little in return. I love you all and wish you the best. Thank you!
  7. This might not be my favourite single, but it's still so different from the others. I'm not worried, this will be an outstanding album.
  8. Like most DT albums, some hits, some misses. I really love the new sound, the synths, the ambience BUT, don't like the cleans at all so, it makes it tough to enjoy a song in its entirety. I still think Phantom Days is by far the best song on the album, as i expected. I would've taken much more songs with this intensity. Empires Lost to Time is pretty much the only other song that keeps up with the similar energy. Transient is another good one even though the pace is much slower on that one. Annnnd there are songs like "Remain In The Unknown" or the closer that simply shouldn't exist on a DT album.
  9. Hi! i'm looking for these 2 albums in 320. Thanks a lot! Misery Index - Pulling Out The Nails (2018) Misery Index - The Killing Gods (2014)
  10. Ohhhh yeah! didn't expect this to sound so different! looooveee the "build up chorus" and the transition between the breakdown and the outro. I think it's a really well made song. This is going to kill it in live shows for sure!
  11. Fuck yeah! a whole lot better than anything on their last EP!
  12. No choice but to go with BMTH, but even though the album leaked a long time ago, Hundredth really knocked it out the park with an album that will stay with me a long time. Like every year, october was a great month for music. 1. Bring Me The Horizon - POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR 2. Hundredth - Somewhere Nowhere 3. Wolves At The Gate - DAWN 4. Seaway - Big Vibe 5. Everything In Slow Motion - Influence yup... not even one spot left for KOG
  13. Certainly not part of their best work. Iim a big fan of their most recent stuff and can't wait for the EP, but i wish that this one wasn't part of it. Sounds like an unfinished jam.
  14. This band has always been special to me since i saw them on a tour with ... Protest the Hero (?!i know right?!). Great memories! I don't really listen them anymore, but from time to time, it's always good to give the EP a listen. * i also found this article about them and found this part hilarious : Anyways, this particular stain made from shit is called Abandon All Ships, which makes even less sense than most band names these days. Abandon all ships? Why? Why the fuck would any navy in the world ever give that order? What kind of mass disaster could cause the abandonment of multiple ships? I’ve heard the expression “abandon all stations,” which makes sense – if they ship were going under, you’d want to tell everyone to abandon their stations and get the fuck out while the gettin’ the fuck out was good. But why the fucking fuck would you abandon all ships?
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