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  1. Yeah, ok, i kind of enjoyed the first one because it was new and it featured Open Door but the 2nd and this one just isn't for me. I still think it's pretty cool, especially considering how the songs are made.
  2. Actually, to me, this is the complete opposite
  3. Why wouldn't we be able to see the review you did for a site? Is that a secret site or something?
  4. WikiHow search : How to Metalcore Alpha fucking Wolf. Seriously, this is crazy. I didn't listen any singles after Akudama because i wanted to keep the rest for the album, but i couldn't wait any longer. This will be fantastic.
  5. Amazing song! my favourite since anything on Ruiner
  6. Its definitely not the level of energy i expect coming from them, but the song is pretty good. Man it's getting hard to get some good energic pop-punk these days
  7. well, the album is out on oct 9th, so it probably won't be before a couple of weeks. But if i might add, if you really dig the album, buy it. It's a hard shot for them for this to leak so early
  8. Well, after listening some of your suggestions and the most recent stuff, i can say that the upcoming album will probably be more in my tastes. I liked Fiction for the more aggressive side and the cool riffs while i think Atoma has better melodies and ambiance but missing a bit of grit (especially toward the end of the album). Like Corpsegrind3r said, it looks like they're going for a great mix between their older and new stuff with the upcoming one so let's see. Stoked for sure!
  9. Whew, i haven't listened this band since what? almost 20 years. (i was maybe 10yo, lol) Guess i'll have to check out at least their next album, because this single is really, really great. Any suggestions on which album i should check out first?
  10. Yesss! Thank you. i reported that a couple of weeks ago
  11. Well, at this point it's just a matter of opinion, and it's ok. But "not being heavy" wasn't the reason why i didn't like it as much as i like The Path. I simply think Wage War is not the band FFAK is when it comes to melodies and to fully exploit their sound. But hey, i still like Pressure, it's always somehwere in my shuffle.
  12. I'm not saying that this is the best album ever, i probably even prefer Dark Skies for my own personal taste. All i'm saying is that they are at a point they had to to do this kind of album and it's all fine by me, especially when it is so well made and that they do deserve respect. If you think Wage War's album was close being as good as The Path is, i don't know what to say to you.
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