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  1. Can anybody explain to me what the hell is "Drone Metal" ?
  2. Really great stuff !! Everyone should check this out!
  3. I really like this DGD, last album was definitely the one that got me on the bandwagon. More melodic, and more clean vocals than the previous albums.
  4. Not my favourite, but not a bad song. i think it' just great they're trying different things. Yes, Bow Down was cool, but i don't want it over and over again on their new album
  5. These guys are ridiculously underrated! Thanks for this!
  6. Can't believe i never heard of these guys. Thanks a lot for this!
  7. Wat? Also, "Favorite Artist : Bring Me The Horizon" Lulz
  8. Well, after these 2 singles, i really feel that this one will be my favourite since P2
  9. Not a really good month for LP but i made some great finds with a lot of new EP. Voted Badflower since it's the only one listed 1. Calling All Captains - Nothing Grows Here .... YOU. MUST. LISTEN, especially if you dig pop punk bands like Trash Boat, Like Pacific, etc. 2. Point North - Retrograde 3. Badflower - OK, I'M SICK 4. Dear Seattle - Don't Let Go 5. XIII Weeks - In Memoriam
  10. This is pure fire! new album will be amazing! Give these guys some love, they deserve it.
  11. This sounds like a weird/bad version of recent Shikari
  12. Song's pretty good, nothing revolutionary but i'm glad to see they can actually write different stuff than the typical song from Lifelines! Such a great surprise, can't wait for their album!
  13. I mean, it's good, but it's the version of the song destined to people who didn't get Amo
  14. Can't believe i will say this.... but thats a great fucking song! i really didn't expect something so good and heavy, especially as as first single.
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