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  1. At least, they recognize that they completely changed it.They didn't need to make this album, which is just a treat for old fans and they wanted them to know that it was different from their usual EDM stuff. If BMTH would go back to their roots and make a Suicide Seasonish album, i'm pretty sure they would advertise it the same way.
  2. Guilty pleasure right there. Not their best song, but i'll be the first to jump on this album. Hard to explain why i like it so much tbh
  3. Oh shit!!! This Too Won't Pass was great. But this is even better! Can't wait for the EP
  4. Not a bad song actually, better than most of their last album
  5. YES, YES, YES AND YES!! Never expected this to come out! I love everything about this! False Idols being my AOTY 2 years ago, this makes me really happy. I mean, come on! there's a SYNTH SOLO!
  6. Overall, the album is pretty bad, but i swear, if you make it to the last part of the album there are quite some decent songs. I Really Wish I Hated You, No Heart To Speak Of and Hungover You are really worth the listen. The closer is pretty cool too.
  7. Good album. Very similar sound to Overexposed. The single was probably the weakest song of the album so yeah, if you liked Overexposed, give this one a listen.
  8. Can't say i'm disappointed, i like it, but i expected way more diversity than this. The album has some highlights, but as a whole, it has nothing really memorable. WFMTC, especially with the deluxe edition songs was a perfect balance between experimental and old-school BAAO.
  9. HOW I MISSED THIS BAND!!!! This is so damn good!
  10. I knew they'd go in this direction, but i'm still surprised they release this as a single. Personally, i'm lovin it since they're doing these emotional parts so well. It's what made Transit Blues so amazing and refreshing.
  11. Waiting for deluxe edition
  12. This reminds me i need new Alazka. This ain't bad though. and yeah that glitch effect is pathetic
  13. Man, i love this so much. Alt Hip-Hop is really a genre i enjoy more and more every day. Sept 20th can't come quickly enough
  14. Great song, great artwork, great moustache
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