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  1. Disappointing to say the least. I love BAAO's recent stuff, as well as this kind of remixes... but this blows.
  2. Stupid good! Both singles are amazing! This will be their peak album, no doubts.
  3. Probably the first time i laughed that much on KL, thanks for that
  4. Last album never grew on me for some reasons. But this single is amazing, and catchy as fuck!
  5. Really enjoying this!! The blend of genre is great! Thanks for sharing
  6. Digging this!! What annoys me the most is that they used the font "Elkwood" to write "Elwood" on the cover. UNACCEPTABLE
  7. I'd prefer to see him do something more alternative rock with country influences than this so it would be more appealing for me, but i must recognize that he's just so talented.
  8. I'll check this out, since they're opening for the Twenty one pilots show in mtl. Thanks!
  9. THIS PLACE IS HAAAUNTEEEED!!! fuck yeah! 1 of the 3 metalcore songs that will be on the album. It's crazy how much i can enjoy songs from a band i now hate.
  10. Well, it took some time, but i can finally say i really enjoy this EP. Their new stuff always have the same effect on me, always a bit disappointed at first and after a week or two of sporadic listens, i have a complete different opinion. They definitely found a good compromise between old Volume and DA.
  11. If i'd go to a show where they'd be opening and play this, i'd just be staring down, ashamed of just being there. 3,2,1 Boom?!! Come the fuck on, what happened to this band
  12. 1. Boundaries - Turning Point , best hardcore punk release since Comeback Kid's album. Must Listen 2. Periphery IV : Hail Stan 3. Seaway - Fresh Produce, not a true album you would say? Maybe but it's still Seaway 4. Trade Wind - Certain Freedoms 5. Polar - Nova
  13. Love it, sounds fresh and different without completely denaturing themselves. First time i will be hyped for a new album coming from them.
  14. Beautiful... Jesse's probably my favourite human being on this planet.
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