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  1. Reminds me a bit of Secrets & Whispers! Good stuff
  2. Phinehas - Dark Flag (2017)

    imo, metalcore can't be better than this. This is fucking mindblowing.
  3. Oh, Sleeper - Children of Fire (2011)

    Endseekers and Hush Yael are such bangers. I'm not a big Oh, Sleeper fan, tbh, but those 2 songs will always be in my playlist.
  4. 2017 Best October Release

    Whew, what a month. one of the best month of releases i've seen in many years. So yeah, it's pretty hard to pick 1. Veil of Maya / STYG .... because i just can't pick between those two. I'm still listening these albums at least once a day. both AOTY (I voted STYG) 2. I The Mighty - Diggin' the new sound, this band never cease to impress me. I hope they release an alternate version of this album like they did with the connector. 3. Yelawolf. The one and only hip-hop i'm able to enjoy. This guy is brilliant. 4. Roam 5. Citizen Phantom Anthem was a big disappointment to me, i might need to give it a couple listens more. But it gave me the same impression as Leveler. It sounds like everything they've already made. I'm going to stick with Found in Far Away Places and Constellations on my daily playlist.
  5. Yelawolf - Trial By Fire (2017)

    This is the only hip-hop artist i'm really able to enjoy. I guess the "Alternative-Hip-hop" genre explains that. Thank you!!
  6. Stick to Your Guns - True View (2017)

    Perfect Album. 10/10. I'm totally sold out to this. I wasn't too sure about the closer as a single, but in the context of the album, it works perfectly. This and VOM will be on repeat for a very, very long time
  7. Veil of Maya - False Idol (2017)

    Wow.... this is gonna take more than one listen to assimilate and be able to enjoy all of this, but it is fucking amazing.... "Follow Me" is mindblowing
  8. Veil of Maya - Doublespeak [Single] (2017)

    YES!!! Fuck i love this!! Thank you!! I will spend months listening to this and STYG in repeat
  9. Discord Integration [9/24]

    I have no idea why anyone would say no to this. Yes, absolutely!
  10. Celeste - Infidèle(s) (2017)

    Hip-hop is different, i can't say i like it but i think french is way more appropriated to hip-hop than to heavy music (punk/metal/hardcore). For someone like me, who speaks french everyday, it just doesn't sounds right. And i don't think i'm the only one, 95% of the local bands in Quebec perform in english, even if most of these bands don't aim to be internationally known.
  11. Celeste - Infidèle(s) (2017)

    Being french, i usually cringe every time i hear any form of heavy music in french, but in this case, it works very well! Thank you
  12. This Patch of Sky - These Small Spaces (2017)

    Beautiful, always good to hear a song or two through all the other usual stuff! Thanks!
  13. Winds of Plague - Never Alone (Single) (2017)

    Please, please sound like The Great Stone War
  14. Phinehas - Dark Flag (Single) (2017)

    Yes, because : Red Background = Brainwashed
  15. RED - Losing Control (Single) (2017)

    Is this Aleister Black with blonde hair?