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  1. We Were Sharks - Lost Touch (2018)

    And i'm still trying to figure out why no one cares about For The Win, who released one of the best album in 2017
  2. APHZELIA - Bios (Single) (2017)

    i don't listen a lot of djent/deathcore stuff, but when i listen some, i want it to sound exactly like this. Thank you!!!
  3. Rustlung - Rage Quit (2018)

    10/10 album cover! Photoshop at its best
  4. "Duuuhh, straight out of black mirror. duhhh" So, every time a band make futuristic references, It has to be a copy of black mirror? I remember ppl saying that the whole Shikari's "The Spark" album concept was a ripoff of black mirror, simply because of the Live Outside video. That's annoying af. Anyway, this one of the best song Moose Blood has ever done and i can't wait for this album to come out!
  5. The Plot In You - DISPOSE (2018)

    the last time i've listened TPIY was their album "First Born" and thought it was OK. I guess it's time to catch up, this sounds amazing.
  6. A Perfect Circle - TalkTalk (Single) (2018)

    Is this Chris Motionless ?
  7. 2018 Best January Release

    1. Capstan 2. Tanuki 3. Waterparks 4. OM&M 5. Above & Beyond i can't get into Cane Hill. Sorry, i tried.
  8. Maybe not as good as the last single, but i'm just so effin' happy to hear that old school SF sound.
  9. Don Broco - Technology (2018)

    This album had to be lots and lots of work. There's absolutely no fillers in this. Every song is different, special and shows all the talent this band have. It's safe to say that this is a must listen for every KL members. Easy 10/10
  10. Don Broco - Technology (2018)

  11. Story Untold - Waves (2018)

    Another Montreal band that NO ONE knows about in Quebec! Not a fan of this, but it's still 100000x better than Simple Plan
  12. IAMX - Alive In New Light (2018)

    Thanks! i'll give this a listen
  13. Glasslands - Misery Game [Single] (2018)

    Wow, these guys have such a huge potential. Pariah was good, but their next album will be lit af