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  1. Oh ok, didn't know about that one, but yeah, Stay and Let it in are on another level
  2. Ah yeah? i knew about "Don't lose your heart" but was there any other ones ? I'm pretty new to this band tbh, i wasn't really into their previous stuff
  3. Pretty weak if we compare to everything on their last album. Is it like a bonus song or something?
  4. Good stuff, he tried some new things. I was expecting him to go all out EDM on that new album with all the success Ibiza remixed version had, because honestly, i don't know a lot of people who knew Mike Posner for his regular acoustic songs.
  5. Hard to have an opinion on this, i guess it's OK. What i don't like though, its the "2 in 1" songs like Pray For Me and Inglewood. Like on Inglewood, there's no transition. it's a cool, chill out songs and boom, total unnecessary breakdown out of nowhere. I like Animal, Coup D'Étalk and Out Of Control, even though 1st and 2nd half are totally different songs.
  6. Great stuff ! Thanks for sharing!
  7. Such a banger! if they find a way to make an album and not make it sound repetitive, it's going to be amazing.
  8. Man, how much i love this new wave of agressive/heavy pop-punk! Good shit!
  9. I mean, they should be sorry. I would be if i was in that band
  10. Thanks god there were no Rap album in the poll, we would've got screwed again
  11. Fun track! this the first song from them i actually enjoy!
  12. Sooo..... is there an album coming someday? Or is he just releasing random singles until radio grabs them so he can become famous?
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