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  1. I'm faaaaar from being into nu-metal but i can acknowloedge that this is a good album! I gave it a listen 100% for nostalgia without any kind of expectations but yeah, it's surprisingly pretty good.
  2. Great song, even if i think it deserved to be a bit longer with more instrumentals. These guys are slowly becoming one of my favourite alt rock band. Mother Nature was amazing and i'm glad they kept the same direction with this single!
  3. Very nice release, even though i expected a couple more songs with vocals on it. All songs go in a different way, it's fun and chill.
  4. I don't know what changed, but this is the first release i actually like from them.
  5. Yea boiiii. Great song, FFAK staying true to themselves. If someone told me their next song would have EDM elements in it, i would've been pissed, but it's a great fit actually.
  6. Back when Black Flame came out, i wanted to know what the hype was all about, and i was so disappointed. Glad i gave them a second chance with this one. Amazing album!
  7. I dig both songs, but that breakdown on Disobey is kind of awkward
  8. 1. Polaris 2. The ghost inside 3. Enter Shikari 4 Protest 5. Silverstein Definitely a lot of contenders comin in the next few months with IHW, Point North and who knows? Maybe, just maybe the new ADTR
  9. Damn that guy can sing. Acoustic guitar wouldve been great too
  10. Indeed, future LP will be peak BMTH, this song demonstrates that they finally found the perfect balance that will please both most of the old fans and the newer ones. Of course, not every song will sound like this one but i think that with the love Ludens got, it really gave them a good example of what their fans really wanted without sounding necessarily "deathcore"
  11. SO MUCH YEEESSS!!! Such an underrated pop punk band! It's ok, i'll crowdsurf myself to the living room! Let's goooo
  12. 1. Boston Manor - Glue 2. GroundCulture - How Well Do You Really Know Yourself This band really deserve a lot more recognition. 3. Asking Alexandria - Like a House on Fire 4. Go For Gold - Color Me 5. Crossfaith - Species Yeah the last 2 are EPs but it's all i got
  13. What an amazing album right there. Especially that second half with Soliloquy, Reverie and especially Little Snakes which has some of the best vocals ever from Rody. Tim's piano parts are magic, as always. To me, its probably their second best album after Fortress. Can't wait to see these guys live to hear Rody's voice and him joking around on stage once again
  14. Ohhhh, didn't know these guys were still around! Can't wait to give this a listen
  15. SEX I'm seriously beginning to think i should change nationality to australian
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