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  1. Fuck yeah!!!! I Can't wait to listen Depths III
  2. Man, this is bad. I don't care about covers, their last EP was fire and now, these 2 blend singles? I'm afraid they will pull themselves a HLH
  3. I never said it was close as good, but it definitely has that similar vibe
  4. Wow, impressive album! Edit : This is a must listen for fans of FFAK
  5. Personally, it's my favourite album from them. Yes Unimagine is technically better and all but i'm still more into Dissonants. Not a fan of Ground Dweller, tbh, even though i get it
  6. Ugh... this is painful. Actually, it's way worse than i thought it would be. "Tilt" is by far the best song on this, some decent tracks here and there, but overall, this is bad. And usually, i always find positive in a band changing their sound to a more "mainstream" sound, but not in this case. With "Tilt" being track no. 9, i hoped that the closure would end the album on a good note, BUT NO, THEY KEPT THE WORST TRACK FOR THE END! GOD I HATE THIS TRACK!
  7. I don't like Everyhting's Wrong but Wasteland is really interesting! next album will have ups and downs
  8. Thank you! "Superposition" is amazing, i'll check this out!
  9. So after many listens, i must admit that this is far from from being as good and special than Blurryface, There's no songs on this that can top stuff like Hometown (which is one of my favorite song ever), Polarize or Message Man. But i think it's still pretty enjoyable when you want to chill and listen something different from the usual core stuff.
  10. Yoooo, this is greaaaaat! Any release date for their album?
  11. This band is the definition of being underrated. Thanks for the upload
  12. Cool. i dig the Hard Rock guitar tone much more than i thought i would, it's a great fit for them. Nice song!