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  1. Well.... while i strongly disagree to say that "This is so much better" ... I will say that i'm really surprised by how good this is. These guys are music genius, they keep finding a way to reinvent themselves on every album, by adding depth to their sound. I made a rookie mistake judging an album by a couple of singles. Silly me. Love the album, love this band.
  2. I'm so scared to listen this album.... I loved ATCN so much that i already know i will be disappointed, i just don't know how much
  3. This fucking rips! They finally found a way to make a full album interesting! I really dig that song with Rou, it's a great fit.
  4. I honestly don't know what to think of this album... In almost every songs there is moments i enjoy, others i do not. I'll have to listen it a couple more times when it comes out in 320
  5. Not that i like it, but it's still better than anything they've done before! They were so blend. I will probably listen the album once and keep 4 songs
  6. I wish they would release Shattered Glass, saw a video of them playing it live and it will probably be one of the best on the album.
  7. Not a bad song tbh, much better than their last single. But the vocals sound so off. And in their case, i'd love to hear some screams, that would add some intensity in their songs and i think it would be a great fit for them. I can't remember if the last album had some or not.
  8. Lol, my friend was just telling me how he was trying to book this band to a show in Montreal. Now i hope he will! Those new canadian pop punk bands are amazing! Thank you!
  9. Yep, this one clearly slipped under the radar for most ppl here. Easily in my top-5 aoty until now.
  10. Can't say it's better than Trash Boat, but it's safe to say that it's as good as Crown Shyness. What a year for pop punk! This, Trahs Boat and We Were Sharks are among the greatest pop punk albums i've heard
  11. Well if we compare to Make War, this is disappointing ,but at least, it sounds like modern FFTL. I don't get the comparisons with Dead Trees, that imo, was simply not a FFTL album. It wasn't bad, i love Spencer and i love Periphery but it didn't sound like FFTL (Beside the covers which were great). I hope we'll get to hear a full album someday. But it's still not going to top the Self-Titled
  12. Meh, sorry, i'm more into Alabama Metal stuff