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  1. So i'm a little bit late on this one but.... thank you so much!!
  2. I used to love every single song these guys put out.... until now... song's annoying af. How i miss Savages era...
  3. Finally, new Coldplay that actually sounds like Coldplay. Good song!
  4. Considering the fact that they didn't change the name of the band brought me to think that the transition between Hardcore and Indie would've been smoother. I thought that they would've put some heavier parts here and there in their songs, but no, they simply became an average indie band in my point of view. i was part of the people who were excited about this switch but i've never been so wrong. The album's ok, some songs are decent, some are not. But yeah... It's far from what i expected and there is nothing memorable in this album.
  5. Disgusting! I have an idea! they should put children with explosives on their cover!
  6. Ok................. but will the cute little lamb die? :'( Cuz the wolf seem pretty fucking pissed off y'know
  7. So, is the wolf feeding the lamb to eventually eat it or is he actually raising it ? And why is the wolf so mad at it? .. i'm confused..
  8. Ive never liked Nickelback for the exact same reasons for more than a decade, maybe they've changed, idk. I listened a couple new songs and simply didnt like it. It's just an opinion but as i can see, most of you guys seem to enjoy this album so i might give it a shot. Maybe i won't enjoy it, but at least, i may stop hating them
  9. Yayyy, Mall Rock at its finest. So you guys throw bullshit at bands like I Prevail (which i understand) but not at this? Cmonnnn, be constant!
  10. I never really cared about them, but i'm curious to listen their new album. It seems like they really improved, Dissolve was also pretty good.
  11. So good.... i have so much respect for these guys. Even with all the pop covers and all the other stuff, they're staying true to their sound and still make great songs. Broken Lives and Ivory towers are the best songs i've heard from them since Across the Ocean.
  12. Can't argue about this, they could've push this song to be much better. But i forgive them considering the fact that the rest of the album is brilliant. Heck, even On Her Mind grew on me.
  13. Never cared about Volumes.... but this album has been on repeat since yesterday. 3 best songs : Pullin' Shades, Hope and Left fo... just kidding... FEEEELLLLSSSS GOOOOOODD OOHHHH OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH By the way, left for dead isnt thaatt bad, its just the typical short banger songs like Dead from Beartooth. Even though I wonder why they've made it the last song. But still, this album is fire!
  14. Well... after a few listens, i can say that, as a whole, i think this album is better than Deathless. They finally found a way to create something really different from what they used to and make it sound awesome. It's really hard to pick my favorite songs because each song bring something different to the album but i'd go with : My Destruction, Casualties and Shadows Inside and his ridiculously catchy chorus which has been stuck in my head for a couple days now.