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  1. Thanks! Been looking forward to new Acceptance music for some time now!
  2. Thank you so much! Can't wait to listen!
  3. One Mil is probably the best song they've written in the last 5 years. Their last two albums were garbage to me, this album sounds promising! Thanks for the upload!
  4. Anyone notice the names in the art work backwards are "eat my gap" "rim job" and "fucker"?
  5. I can honestly say I never listed to a Jonas brothers song in my life (too old for them when they reached popularity) but my wife and I dance with our 4 month old son to a few songs that he seems to love and Sucker is one also that I generally enjoy as well. So I was genuinely curious/excited to see what else is on this album because I also like Cool which we hear on the satellite radio when driving. This coming from a guy who was playing Every Time I Die in the car a few days "trying" to introduce my son to New music lol
  6. Lots of dick head ass comments over a free song.
  7. Will always choose PTL over zippy, zippy is great but as everyone said too many pop ups. I download 99.9% of content to my phone and PTL has never done me dirty with pop-ups.
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