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  1. Lots of dick head ass comments over a free song.
  2. Will always choose PTL over zippy, zippy is great but as everyone said too many pop ups. I download 99.9% of content to my phone and PTL has never done me dirty with pop-ups.
  3. Listened through a few times, fantastic fantastic album! Still haven't formed formal thoughts yet but this is easily my top album of 2017. Still need a few more spins though.
  4. That was fast! After my last post in the infinite winter thread I went to bed and woke up to the whole album! Not mad at all! I'll post my thoughts on the album later today.
  5. Seems like digital copies went out to their indiegogo supporters. I bought it on vinyl but no digital for me, I wonder if they'll be selling it on their tour that starts tomorrow?
  6. Ive been checking kl like 8 times a day for the leak, I saw this and I got all excited but a new song is better than nothing! I was talking to Cory on Twitter and he said they re-recorded bed burner and fractional. Pretty excited to hear them as finished products!
  7. God damn I can't wait til this album drops! My most anticipated of the summer!
  8. I Can't stand when bands do this, it's such a cash grab in my opinion. No one gives a shit about reimagined songs. Waste time making YouTube videos for this kinda of crap while in the studio making a new album. FYS really thinks their discography is so expansive they can do this now? Put out another 3-4 albums then do this.
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