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  1. Finally! I've been wondering why his other singles hadn't been uploaded.
  2. I think it's "DECAY"... I'm hoping for "DECAYING" so we get more songs. I think both of these songs are two of the best they've ever written. I'm biased because they're my favorite band, but I love all of their stuff. This shit is nasty though and I can't wait for the rest.
  3. Fucking finally. I complete forgot about this because it's been so damn long.
  4. Why is there no track 2 or 5? Is this on purpose? I don't get it. Lol.
  5. Seriously?! How the fuck did I miss that?!
  6. Took them long enough for 4 more songs. Groovehammer was forever ago.
  7. Their EP was amazing to me. Absolutely perfect. So I've been worried about this. I have hope. Can't wait to jam it all day at work.
  8. 1 The Acacia Strain - It Comes In Wave 2 Counterparts - Nothing Left To Love 3 NF - The Search 4 Knocked Loose - A Different Shade of Blue 5 Angelmaker - Angelmaker 6 Witt Lowry - Nevers Road 7 Parabelle - The Rose Avail 8 Landon Tewers - Withdrawals 9 Wage War - Pressure 10 Free Throw - What's Past Is Prologue Honorable Mentions: blackbear - Anonymous City And Colour - A Pill For Loneliness Norma Jean - All Hail WhiteChapel - The Valley Post Malone - Hollywood's Bleeding
  9. Fucking awesome. 7 songs didn't seem right for 2.5 years for them.
  10. I'm glad you said this because that's why I read the comments before I downloaded. I was excited though. Lol.
  11. Cleveland Hardcore. 🖤 Motives may not be the best band. But they work hard and put passion in what they do.
  12. I love this band. But I'm a little disappointed it's only 7 songs and an intro. Especially since 3 of the songs were already released as singles.
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