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  1. sounds nice as the previous 3. but what i hate is the fact that in jan\feb of 2020 we wll get 10-track album with 5 singles from july and august
  2. first half is full of bangers, super catchy songs. the second, starting from "puppe" grows slower and slower and, in the end, goes full boring. cool album, but I cannot say "GREAT".
  3. totally underrated band. great songs, thank you KL
  4. Perfect, Masterpiece that no need to comment
  5. Why there is not "Am I Here" track? Am I the one who didn't see them ?_?
  6. Something Increddible. It's beyond my expectations, seriously
  7. 1. Teenage Wrist - Chrome Neon Jesus 2. Casey - Where I Go When I am Sleeping 3. Rolo Tomassi - Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It 4. Don Broco - Technology 5. Beartooth - Disease 6. Pale Waves - My Mind Make Noises 7. Underoath - Erase me 8. Dance Gavin Dance - Artificial Selection 9. Slaves - The Beautiful Death
  8. I knew that it would have more cleans, less breakdowns, more electronics and all these things. But I was really hope that it would be more aggressive and powerful, just like it was at first single. So - this is not. Don't really know how did you guys fell into it, but it was hard for me to end of listening whole album. Absolutely nothing to trigger listener on. So how can I skip all these newunderoathreleasehype-days before Architects announce their new album?
  9. music stay as heavy as it was on previous works, but where is extreme vox now? I can literally feel lack of extreme here, because they didn't changed the genre they're playing
  10. AOTY, waited this thing over december. Love you Kl
  11. One of the reason to live is to waiting for this full of beauty and suicidal lyrics album
  12. So much Hundredth's vibes. Sounds really cool, thanks Eitaph Records for all these cosmical sound
  13. 1. Hudredth - Rare 2. Being as an Ocean - Waiting for morning to come 3. PVRIS - All We Know of Heaven All We Need of Hell 4. Chelsea Wolfe - Hiss Spun 5. Alazka - Phoenix 6. Silverstein - Dead Reflection 7. Thousand Below - The Love You Let too Close
  14. something incredible. "Where I go when I am sleeping" coming march 2018
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