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  1. 10 Architects 9 Parkway Drive 8 Currents 7 Adept 6 As I lay Dying 5 Metallica 4 Bring me the Horizon 3 AC\DC 2 Iron Maiden 1 Attack! Attack!
  2. sounds impressive. is there any info about them?
  3. @desk lol i probably will listen to 50 good bands but not 9999 any sort of garbage
  4. WTF when will I heard in 2020 true aggressive\rage\powerful album but not that metal\death or other -core genres? Pretty sure I will be downvoted cause, but no cares - I am super tired of another "nice and chilly music to listen to". At least I was hoped for atmospherical powerful things but...meh
  5. I pretty sure it is something really great band in future
  6. 10) Parkway Drive 9) Architects 8) Adept 7) Miss May I 6) As I lay Dying 5) August Burns Red 4) Metallica 3) Mastodon 2) Iron Maiden 1) Attack! Attack!
  7. Heart in Hands For all those Sleeping Miss May I Adept Placebo all of these 2013-years-heavy-stuff. It was such a perfect time for music to taste. sempiternal-era, Architects starting to be which we know them now, some romanticised-lyrics rockbands like Placebo or Hands like Houses, and of course that sadboy-emo mhc like Hands like Houses. That was the perfect time for sure.
  8. what a beautiful song (and doggo too)!
  9. i listened this 3 times and ... is this really EP from such a great (unironically) band ?
  10. its just raw demos and nothing more. cool sound but there is not even a melody or main riff idk. i just cant understand how to listen it
  11. BAAO, BMTH, Wage War and now ADTR trying this boring songwriter's pattern. Using 20-25 seconds of guitars or breakdowns doesn't make it sounds heavy, it's still sounds like pop music meeeeeh( but songs is catchy, yeah
  12. sounds nice as the previous 3. but what i hate is the fact that in jan\feb of 2020 we wll get 10-track album with 5 singles from july and august
  13. first half is full of bangers, super catchy songs. the second, starting from "puppe" grows slower and slower and, in the end, goes full boring. cool album, but I cannot say "GREAT".
  14. totally underrated band. great songs, thank you KL
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