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  1. One of the albums that can be AOTY contender for me I love these guys Saw them live once
  2. Great album, Neverlast stuck in my head with these amazing melodic riffs I need more listens but I love it so much
  3. This slams from start to finish great album, one of the best this year thank you
  4. I waited for this thank you very much can't wait to hear it
  5. What a pleasant surprise 😲 thank you very much. I love Cult of Luna with Julie Christmas, but I give them a chance with this new one. I love this genre 🙂 singles very great 👍
  6. Deafheaven - Ordinary Corrupt Human Love Silent Planet - When The End Began Mol - Jord Zeal & Ardor - Stranger Fruit Fit For A King - Dark Skies Architects - Holy Hell Parkway Drive - Reverence Harakiri For The Šky - Arson Unearth - Exctinsion Twenty One Pilots - Trench
  7. Absolutely great comeback song ! Beside everything that happened in past of Tim, I will give him second chance when all the members forgive him, I will too. It returned me 10 years ago, when I was waiting unpatiently to hear a new song from AILD and when I heard it, I was absolutely happy. AILD was one of my first metalcore bands I heard when I had 15 and I cant erase it from my life. I am very happy for them, they found way to come together and bring us a the most surprising and shocking return of 2018. I hope for new album because this song is incredibly catchy and mind blowing. I am listening it now over and over and over and I cant stop
  8. Great song as I expected Am I only one that think about This Or The Apocalypse when I heard that riff around 1:51? Not bad thing of course
  9. Absolutely great song ! Landon has very powerful voice and this song is catchy af So much amazing music today - TPIY, DAYSEEKER, HUNDREDTH, COUNTERPARTS, HLH, ROYAL BLOOD, CHON etc KL is the best site
  10. I loved Paramore 10 years ago, but this new album is pretty boring seriously it was waste of time for me, I know maybe someone will enjoy it, but me after one listen, I am done with this album...not even chance, that there is some old Paramore in is completely pop album, with softer songs, only Hard Times has maybe a catchier chorus but others are pretty slow, boring and they sounds like one another...
  11. Absolutely amazing album ! Totally worth the listen, I am new fan of them, I know their side-project Thraenenkind(now King Of Apathy) and both of them are amazing Thank you KL for showing me so many great bands
  12. Thank you ! Thank to you KL I found a new band that I am in love with ! absolutely amazing melodies, transitions, vocals ! Everyone should check them ! It is great and it is so refreshing compared to a lot of djent, metalcore bands
  13. Another amazing single ! 3 songs, 3 killers absolutely exciting for new album
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