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  1. So does that mean 192 will be the highest quality we will get of these?
  2. FYI this is the band of Jeremy Shada from Adventure Time
  3. 01. Eidola - To Speak, To Listen 02. I, The Mighty - Where The Mind Wants To Go / Where You Let It Go 03. Dayseeker - Dreaming Is Sinking // Waking Is Rising 04. Picturesque - Back To Beautiful 05. We Came As Romans - Cold Like War 06. Vesta Collide - New Obsession 07. Matty Mullins - Unstoppable 08. Paramore - After Laughter 09. Eisley - I’m Only Dreaming 10. A Lot Like Birds - Divisi
  4. I agree about the Blue Swan bands "swancore" with Eidola being one of my favorites. Anyone have a download link for the Oranges album?
  5. I think the bigger allure to this deluxe is the bonus DVD rather than the bonus tracks
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